How to de-stress this Bank Holiday Weekend without snacking…

Here we are again, another bank holiday weekend of lockdown! I’m sure we are all running out of ideas to try and fill our time…

During this time of worry and stress, many of us may feel tempted to emotionally eat to try and lift our moods and make ourselves feel better, and although it can be tempting, we thought we would share top tips from the exante team of how they treat themselves without over-indulging in food…

  • “Playing with my two cats and watching my favourite films on Netflix.” – Issey, ECRM Executive
  • “I like to have a bubble bath, even just popping on a face mask or reading a book or magazine, these little treats are so so good for me.” – Sarah, Influencer Executive
  • “I read a book, listen to music, cuddle my puppy (she’s 12 but she still a puppy to me) and I group family FaceTime since I’m isolating alone.”– Meg, General Manager
  • “If works finished I’ll usually spend a little time gaming, I find I can switch off my mind really well when I’m just focused on playing something fun. Also just doing things around the house the have needed doing for a while helps for distraction & seems to be never ending!” – Jordan, SEO Manager
  • “I lay down on the sofa (better when it’s sunny) and I like to meditate or listen to relaxing music.”  – Carla, Head of International Trading
  • “I do regular morning yoga, and a short afternoon work out to break up the day, stay active and maintain routine. It’s more important now than ever, to make sure we keep our mind and body in a positive space.” – Leah, Marketing Manager
  • “I enjoy listening to podcasts, audio books, and the radio it distracts my mind and whilst self-isolating it is nice hearing different people speaking, it reminds me of the busy office!” – Aimee, Social & Content Executive
  • “I start the day with a morning run/workout to get me up and ready in the mornings before work. In the evenings I relax and unwind by gaming with my closest friends.” – Jacob, Trading Executive
  • “Getting round to tasks I usually struggle to have the energy or time for, such as decorating / home improvements and gardening, which provide satisfaction when completed.” – Tom,  eCRM Manager
  • “Taking my guinea pigs out into the garden to snuggle on the hammock in the sun.” – Sophie, New Product Development Technologist

At a time like this, full of stress and worry, why not join the exante closed group on Facebook? It’s an uplifting community of people following the exante diet plan, where people can freely chat and share advice with one another. As our most recent Spring Slimmer of the Season said, “It’s like one big family really!” Join the Facebook Closed Group here.

Need a BURST of energy?

Are you feeling a little tired or lethargic? Maybe you are getting a little bored of lockdown and the lack of plans that follows with it. We know it can be tough when things feel a little less exciting and boredom can often lead to snacking on some high calorie foods, however why not try the new exante BURST? Available in 3 flavours, as well as a Variety Pack, the NEW BURST drink can lift you up and give you a boost of energy which can hopefully lift up your mood for when you are trying to make another bank holiday weekend plan!

Smart Swap: Burst Vs Other Energy Drinks

Staying Healthy

Smart Swap: Burst Vs Other Energy Drinks

2020-05-06 09:59:31By Aimee Heeran

How you can burn more calories cleaning than running 5K…


How you can burn more calories cleaning than running 5K…

2020-04-08 13:05:49By Katie Jerome

Aimee Heeran

Aimee Heeran

Writer and expert

Aimee graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019. It was during her time at University that her love of fitness and nutrition truly began. She’s always loved an active lifestyle from a small child. Aimee frequently enjoys going to the gym, regular hot yoga classes and going for long country walks. She loves trying new activities and in the last 12 months has tried jet skiing, horse riding, and her first 10K race.

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