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Easy Ways to Spring Into Your Weight Loss – Forgotten Tips & Tricks

After a chilly few months, we’re finally slowly making our way towards Spring, and at exante we think it’s the perfect excuse to kick start your weight loss journey. Use the arrival of a new season to give your routine a boost or maybe even get started on one of our weight loss plans if you’ve been on the fence for a while. To help you onto the right track, we’ve put together 7 weight loss tips that will hopefully inspire you spring towards a new you!

Drink Up

Ensuring we drink plenty of water is something we should all be doing as part of a healthy lifestyle, but it appears that drinking 500ml water can actually boost your metabolism by as much as 30%. In turn, it helps you burn a few extra calories. It’s also been found that drinking 500ml of water before a meal could actually cause you to lose more weight compared to if you don’t too, so it’s even more excuse to fill those water bottles. If you’re not a fan of the old H2O, why not try our exante water enhancers? Designed to easily fit in with your diet plan, they contain only 0.7kcal/0.6kcal per 2.5ml serving and come in a choice of 3 delicious flavours. 

Diet Plans

Meal replacements and diet plans can sometimes have a few myths attached, but realistically, a diet plan is a great way to help you shed the pounds, and our success stories are one way to prove that! Exante diet plans are what we do best, with plans to suit you, whatever your goal. Whether you want simple weight loss with our exante 800 plan, intermittent fasting with exante 5:2, or you want to maintain your weight with exante 1200, there’s a plan to suit your needs. Why not opt for one of our great value exante diet boxes, which are stocked with a selection of our best selling products – perfect for getting you started on your weight loss journey. 

Change How You Eat

It’s not just what you eat that will affect your weight loss, it’s how you eat too. Making small changes to your eating habits can actually be beneficial when you want to lose weight, such as:

Boost Your Fibre & Protein Intake

We all know that fibre has numerous health benefits, including maintaining your digestive health, but it can also have a role in helping you to lose weight too. Because we digest fibre more slowly, it fills us up faster and helps us stay fuller for longer. As for protein, this can also contribute to helping you shed the pounds more effectively, with one of the benefits including increased satiety.

Just to help you on your way, a number of our exante meal replacements are expertly designed to be high in fibre and protein, which will ensure you’re feeling fuller for longer.

Stress Less

For some of us, when you’re stressed the first thing we do is reach for the comfort food, which of course is not ideal when you’re trying to lose weight. If this is you, looking at how you manage your stress may be worthwhile and prevent you from reaching for the chocolate. Find alternative ways to burn off steam such as exercise, meditation or journalling – that way, you’ll still be able to get any stressors off your chest, just without indulging in a bit of comfort eating. 

Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

We’ve all been there – having no food to hand when we get hungry, so we quickly pick up a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps. Keeping your supplies of healthy snacks well stocked is crucial to keeping you on the right track with your weight loss as you’ll be less likely to reach for convenience foods or sugary snacks if you get peckish. Keep a stash of fruit and vegetables that are easy to prepare and grab on the go, or why not treat yourself to some of our delicious meal replacement bars?

Catch Some Zs

Believe it or not, short sleep duration has actually been linked to an increased risk in obesity. Likewise, short sleep duration has been linked with affecting the hormones that play a role in appetite regulation, including elevated levels of ghrelin which stimulates appetite and reduced levels of leptin, which suppresses it. In short – it’s probably worth going ahead with that early night. 

We hope these tips have given you some inspiration to take the next steps with your weight loss journey, or perhaps even to begin it! Our range of meal replacements are designed to get you on the right track towards fast and effective weight loss, and we have everything you need here at exante to get you started. Why not kick start your weight loss journey and spring into a whole new you this March?

Written by Amy Jackson – Content Writer at Promo Codes For – 5th March 2020

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson

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