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Meet David: ITV’s 18 to 30 Stone Holiday Star!

Tonight at 9pm, ITV is airing a brand new programme: The 18-30 Stone Holiday and we’ve been lucky enough to team up with one of their stars, David West.

The show features 8 people, all weighing between 18 and 30 stone, on a holiday to the Bahamas. The resort has been set up specifically for overweight and in particular, self-conscious, people looking to enjoy their summer holiday. With larger beds, deck chairs and bathrooms and unlimited buffet food every day, the resort is aimed to make ‘larger’ people feel more comfortable and enjoy their holiday without judgment.

The show focuses getting the group to open up, face their fears and overcome their confidence issues.

David West, 29, turned to Exante to lose weight after coming back from the Bahamas and we’ve been lucky enough to hear about his journey, both through the holiday and with Exante.

Meet David

david west: 18-30 stone holiday

29-year old David lives in Portsmouth and works for a motorway control room; “It can be tricky with eating as I work a mixture of dayshifts and nightshifts” David explains. “When I’m not working I like to go out to music events and festivals, I like to plan exciting things throughout the year to look forward to, which again can make eating well difficult.”

Men sometimes get overlooked when it comes to emotional eating but for me, it was my biggest problem.

David used food as a comfort before Exante and tells us; “I would eat quick, cheap, high-calorie food during the daytime then plan myself something indulgent in the evening. I thought about food all day long and lived my life around each meal. Men sometimes get overlooked when it comes to emotional eating but for me, it was my biggest problem.”

He goes on to explain the trigger for his weight gain and how the pounds starting creeping on after a bad break-up from a long-term relationship. “After a bad day at work eating rubbish food, again, I decided to apply for this TV show (The 18-30 Stone Holiday).”

We had so much fun doing activities and challenges without fear of being laughed at.

“At first, I simply wanted a nice holiday but when I arrived and met the other contestants I knew that this show could potentially change my life. We had so much fun doing activities and challenges without fear of being laughed at and by day 3 we were starting to become extremely close as a group of people.”

The show gave David the motivation he needed to start losing weight; “Part of the show was to talk about body confidence issues. I became extremely upset one night whilst talking for the first time openly about my body issues and I started to realise it was time to change.”

Unfortunately I cannot be trusted with food… that’s where Exante fits my needs perfectly.

“When I arrived back home, I still hadn’t told my family what the show was about. I decided to open up to them and explain what feelings I had been hiding, after that I knew I had to change my eating habits. Unfortunately, I cannot be trusted with food…that’s where Exante fits my needs perfectly. It gives me a strict plan but still gives me flavour choices and something to look forward too!”

Not only has the show inspired David to turn to Exante but he has also come to understand that it is a process and it’s OK to make mistakes every now and then. “I had a few hiccup days (which is normal) but I always get straight back onto the horse and forget about mistakes. My biggest tip is DO NOT PUNISH yourself when a mistake or temptation happens.  Dust yourself off and get straight back onto the plan.”

I have most definitely lost weight and look a lot slimmer in the mirror whilst getting ready for work.  I tell everyone I see that no matter what age, sex or size – Exante really works!

Tune in to ITV at 9pm tonight to watch David and the other 7 stars of The 18-30 Stone Holiday. We will also be following David’s Exante journey over the next few weeks so watch this space!

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