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Exante’s Ultimate Guide To Portion Control

Do you suffer from portion distortion? All of us may be very surprised by how big our portions are when we look at the recommended amounts. A dollop of mash here, an extra large steak there – can’t hurt right?

We should know that weight loss and maintenance comes from controlling what goes on our plates. So, if you’re looking to reduce your portion sizes measure your perfect portion with our handy guide…

Peanut Butter & Butter Portions

A thumb and a finger

Exante Peanut Butter and Butter Portion Guide


Peanut butter

Is really good for you but in moderation. Can you believe that a healthy portion size isn’t half a jar but a thumb-sized amount? And that equals to around 100 kcals! In future, we’ll be spreading our peanut butter very thinly on toast.

Worried about portion sizes? Enjoy the peanutty taste in our Exante Peanut Butter Bar – only 200 calories and covered in delicious chocolate. It’s also packed with protein and vitamins.


Fat can be your friend but in small amounts. A little butter on your toast isn’t a bad thing, but make sure you use only a fingertip-sized amount per day!

If you haven’t tried our Exante Apple Crumble and Custard Dessert yet, you really should! It’s a creamy and delicious winter warmer oozing with buttery goodness. Low in fat and sugar a slice of goodness that sounds almost too naughty to be nice!

Ice Cream & Pasta Portions

Half a fist and a fist

Exante Ice Cream and Pasta Portion Control

Ice Cream

A scoop or (half a fist) is all your allowed of this high sugar stuff! Sadly two or three scoops of ice cream can contain a whopping 500 kcals, 60g sugar and 30g fat!

Love ice cream? Try our Exante Chocolate Shake whizzed up with ice to create a taste sensation without the sugar rush!


On and off the naughty list, a large bowl of pasta is seriously high in carbs and despite being low fat, when you add in cheese, bacon and creamy sauces it’ll soon add up to 1000 kcals!

Instead, keep your portion sized well controlled with our delicious Exante Pasta CarbonaraPerfect for enjoying for dinner, it’s creamy and satisfying, with real spaghetti for extra bite!

Cheese & Meat Portions

Two fingers and a palm

Exante Cheese and Meat Portion Guide


As a nation, we certainly indulge in too much cheese as we love to make and eat a lot of it! Just a small serving Cheddar Cheese is 114 kcals and 10g fat.

Instead of eating a piece of cheese which will leave you feeling hungry, save yourself some calories and try our Exante Cheese and Bacon Breakfast Eggs.


Depending on what meat you chose, calories can vary, but as a general rule you should be consuming a portion size that’s the size of your palm.

One for meat lovers, our Exante Red Bean Chilli is half the calories and fat! Part of our World Cuisine range, our delicious warming Red Bean Chilli is packed full of full red kidney beans and sweetcorn and boasts a spicy beef style flavour. High in protein and enriched with vitamins and minerals each meal contains a third of your daily RDA.

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