World Health Day: Meet 4 People Who Have Taken Control Of Their Health With Exante

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April. To celebrate World Health Day, we want to celebrate and bring awareness to 4 special people who have lost weight with the exante plan, and helped take control of their overall health again.

John has lost 2 stone 12lbs with exante

Meet John

Meet John

Meet John, aged 41, who has lost 2 stone 12lbs stone following the exante diet plan.



What plan do you follow?

“I was following the exante 800 plan but I have recently swapped to the 5:2 plan as my BMI is under 30 now.”

How has your weight loss improved your overall health?

“Before I started, in January, my blood pressure and cholesterol readings were both high, the doctor wanted to start me on medication and that is what prompted me to start dieting, but as of 2 weeks ago they were both back in healthy ranges with absolutely no need for any kind of medication.”

“I was anaemic, and on iron supplements but I have now been taken off them as my iron levels are now perfect. That is definitely down to exante.”

And what about your diabetes?

“My diabetes reading was 51 and now my reading is 42. My daily average is down from 8.5mmol to 5.2mmol at present. It’s at the very bottom of the prediabetes range and is perfectly under control, I had only been dieting for 8 weeks and the blood tests show an estimate over 2 months so the nurse expects I will be in complete remission on my next tests which is amazing. I needed a really simple diet that wasn’t too complicated.”

Kev has lost over 6 stone with exante

Meet Kev

Meet Kev

Meet Kev, aged 34, who has lost over 6 stone following the exante 800 diet plan. Kev follows the exante 800 plan, alternating between 4 products, and 3 products with a 200kcal meal.



How has your weight loss improved your overall health?

“I work in security so part of my role is to patrol the building and surrounding area. I found myself easily out of breath and when walking up stairs, even going up 1 floor, I found both my hips and knees aching. This no longer happens.

“It has also changed my mental health for the better. I wasn’t feeling good about myself at all…”

“Now I’m so much more confident and happier.”

Nicola has lost over 2 stone with exante

Meet Nicola

Meet Nicola

Meet Nicola, aged 48, who has lost over 2 stone following the exante diet plan.



Why did you start exante?

“I was feeling miserable, and I could start to feel myself getting depressed. There was this whole other person wanting to get out and start living, but my weight was holding me back.”

“I walked my dogs, ate lots of healthy food, but comfort eating was my problem. My mental health is 100 times better. My outlook is more positive, I feel happier and much more confident!

“Doing exante has retrained my brain, to see food as a source of nutrition not something to help me if I’m emotional.”

“I’ve made new habits and got rid of the old habits thanks to exante. At times of worry, before I would have turned to food, I now automatically turn to exercise and go for a run or do a workout. That helps me more than food ever could!! That’s all because of exante and the support group!

“I’m now full of energy, and feelings of depression are gone and a treat is getting my hair done, buying new clothes or having a cuppa watching a film – not a massive chocolate bar or cake!

“If I ever fancy something sweet now I have it but only a small amount and I feel totally in control. I enjoy it then move on without a thought.”

Do you still use exante?

“I still use the packs. 2 meal replacements a day normally and a healthy meal . I’m exercising a lot more so I find this is better now. I’m still losing weight doing this. I’m near enough at goal and am toning up now.”

Why do you love exante?

“Exante has honestly completely changed my life in so many positive ways! I highly recommend exante as it very cleverly, without you realising, changes your whole mind-set and how you feel about food. The facebook group is great for support and inspiration too.”


Terri has lost 8 stone 2lbs with exante

Meet Terri

Meet Terri

Meet Terri, aged 32, who has lost 8 stone 2lbs stone following the exante 800 diet plan.



How has your weight loss improved your overall health?

“It has absolutely improved my health!”

“My physical fitness has improved massively. I used to get out of breath walking 50 metres and had sore knees all the time!”

“My mental health has also improved considerably, and my friends have noticed an increase in my confidence too!”

Why did you chose exante?

“I chose exante because it offered the best value and the products taste really good!”

Many people have lost weight with exante, and taken control of their health as part of the journey. Don’t wait, start your journey today…

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