5 Fitness Workouts For Those Who Hate The Gym

5 Fitness Workouts For Those Who Hate The Gym

1 | Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great option if you’re looking for something to get your heart racing and to build up your endurance. Whilst you may have to start this exercise indoors, you’ll quickly move on to the outdoors and be at one with nature in no time.

The middle region and legs are particularly put through their paces during rock climbing as a lot of the work relies on leg and abdominal strength, two of the most troublesome areas for women to lose weight.

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2 | Dance

Dancing is a great way to lose weight without even noticing it. That’s because you’ll spend the majority of the time remembering the routine and having a laugh with other members of the class.

Not only is dance great for your physical health, but because you’re spending time with others and communicating constantly, your mental health is also taken good care of.

3 | Rowing

Great for the upper body and abs, rowing is an excellent sport to get stuck into if you’re a water-baby at heart. If you prefer to not exert yourself too much when you’re working out, rowing is one of the best low-impact sports around with some of the best results.

Rowing outdoors is so much better than using the rowing machine in the gym, mainly because you get real-life water resistance, which can vary with the water at any time. You also get the benefits of heightened oxygenation in the blood, actual end-points to drive towards rather than racing against the clock, as well as peaceful surroundings and working in a team.

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4 | Martial Arts

Martial Arts will keep your mental and physical health in tip-top shape, and you won’t even realise it! If you’re looking to not just up your exercise, but also become more disciplined and have greater control over your life, martial arts is definitely one of the most effective sports for this.

Though some might be fearful of not knowing what to do, new people are learning martial arts every day, so chances are you’re not the only one who’s new to the class. Lots of punching and kicking will get your blood pumping, will work your thighs, shoulders and abs, but most of all you will feel incredibly cleansed after a tough class!

5 | Hiking

If you’re sick of relying on the treadmill to get your cardio, hiking is an amazing workout to get you out and about and losing weight in the process! Not as strenuous as 20 minutes on the treadmill, hiking is a much more leisurely workout routine which you can do with friends and is a gives you a great opportunity to see incredible sights and be exposed to brand new surroundings.

As hiking is a weight-bearing exercise, you’ll get healthier bones, super strong glutes, greater balance and co-ordination, and your mood will be boosted in the process!

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