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Introducing exante’s Plant-Based Shakes…

Have you heard? Our Vegan range has grown to include even more delicious shakes, perfect for anyone wanting to add a plant-based twist to their everyday diet. 

Ready to meet the range? Let’s check it out…

Plant-Based Shakes

That’s right, we’ve got a whole host of NEW shakes! Not only are they in shiny new packaging, we’ve also reformulated the recipe. After gathering customer feedback and extensive ingredient development, we’ve redesigned the vegan range with you in mind... and we think you’re going to love them… 

The NEW recipe shakes are extremely smooth and creamy, you won’t believe they’re plant based! 

What are the new flavours? 

Our new and improved Vegan meal replacement shakes are available in: 

  • White Chocolate & Raspberry 
  • Coffee and Walnut 
  • Chocolate 
  • Banana 

All high in plant protein and fibre, our vegan shakes are enriched with the classic 27 vitamins and minerals. All made with real ingredients, these delicious shakes are full of flavour and low in sugar 

How has the recipe improved? 

Our expert nutritional food scientist has worked relentlessly to bring our customers better vegan options. So, how does it compare? Let us explain! 

  • We’ve packed even more protein into the shakes, 4g more to be exact (was 17g, now 21g*) 
  • It’s the same story with the fibre…the new shakes contain even more fibre than our previous Vegan range
  • Each shake contains a new soya protein isolate which has been developed to give the shakes their smooth texture 
  • Finely milled oat flour is another ingredient which gives these shakes their silky feel, plus the oat flour also has low-GI carbohydrates 
  • As if that wasn’t enough, the ingredients; flaxseed, safflower & sunflower oils are mixed in for extra creaminess and essential fatty acids 
  • To ensure these shakes contain our standard 27 vitamin & minerals, we’ve blended plant-based multi-micronutrients which uses a premium source of calcium from Aquamin 
  • All shakes contain natural flavourings & real ingredients including cocoacoffee and fruit juices 

Vegan Pouches 

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of your favourite shake midweek? Well, no need to worry anymore because we’ve got our brand new Vegan Pouches. All the same yummy taste for even less waste, our Vegan Pouches are a handy 7-serving pouch, perfect for when you want to stock up on your favourite shakes.

Tips for cutting down on dairy

Whatever your lifestyle, being conscious of what you eat and don’t eat is important. So whether you’re wanting to cut down on your meat and dairy intake slowly, or you’re ready to make the full switch, here are our tips for making those little changes (should you wish!). 

  1. Meat free Mondays – We’ve all heard of this one, and it‘s be as simple as it sounds! Try swapping your meal replacements or low-calorie meals to vegan/veggie options just one day of the week (or one meal a day if that feels more doable for you)  
  2. Smart swaps – try making small swaps with your food and drinks. For example, swapping the cow’s milk in your brew for another plant-based milk. There are so many dairy-free or veggie alternatives out there! 
  3. Go homemade! – For your low-calorie meal in the evening, experiment with new flavours and vegetables to encourage trying more meal options and foods. 
  4. One at a time – To keep expectations realistic, you could choose one ingredient at a time that you’d like to try a vegan alternative. It could be butter, cheese, milk or eggs. Once you’ve sussed the first change, you can move onto another ingredient, and so on… 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our newly formulated Vegan shakes! Are you going to swap your original favourites for the vegan options? Get in touch to let us know! Head to our Facebook or Instagram to share your feedback. 




Aquamin® is a registered trademark of Marigot (IRL) Ltd. 

*per serving based on chocolate flavournutritionals may vary across flavours. For product specific information, including ingredients, allergens and nutritional information, please refer to the individual product pages.

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