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October Slimmer of the Month – Vote Now!

October Slimmer of the Month – Vote Now!

Voting is now OPEN for our October Slimmer of the Month!

Here at Exante HQ we love hearing about and seeing your amazing transformations!

Each month, we ask you to send in your stories and pictures to be in with a chance of winning beauty vouchers, cash prizes and to be entered into a draw to win a holiday!

This month, we’ve got 3 incredible transformations to share with you. Read all of their motivating stories below and CLICK HERE to vote now!

Meet Justina

Justina, 46

Starting Clothes Size: 22

Current Clothes Size: 12

Justina, 46 has dropped a whole 5 dress sizes with Exante!

Justina says “I have always been overweight and mostly OK with it, but after a very difficult couple of years, suffering with anxiety, I finally plucked up the courage to start a strict diet”.

It’s not been an easy journey for Justina; “It’s been a tough road for me. I love food and wine but I needed and wanted to lose weight more. I’ve always sat between about 13 and 15 stone, so when I saw 18 stone on the scales staring back at me, I was horrified!”

“After starting Exante, my clothes started to feel looser and that gave me the boost I needed,” she tells us. However, it wasn’t a quick fix and Justina really had to put the work in to see results. “The road was long and sometimes I would only see 1lb losses, but all of a sudden I was well over half way through and the time remaining was nothing compared to what I’d already done!”

Exante has changed Justina’s life; “I’m going on holiday for the first time in more than 3 and half years, and have bought a size 12 tankini, not overly impressive as an achievement, but man do I feel good in it!!”

Justina has lost an incredible 6st 10lbs with Exante and tells us “I am honestly buzzing! I am so much happier and so much more able to deal with my anxiety now.”

Meet Andre

Andre, 40

Starting Clothes Size: XXL

Current Clothes Size: Medium

Andre, 40 has lost 6st 6lb with Exante and says “My life now is fantastic, I have so much more energy and I can even RUN with my dogs now!”

“I have always been known as the big, funny guy – Loud, outgoing and confident. But this was always hiding the real truth” Andre tells us.

“I was bullied throughout my childhood, teens and even as an adult. But I developed a thick skin (pardon the pun!) and learnt to ignore it and continued putting on weight. Until one day I was clearing out my wardrobe and I counted that I had 73 t-shirts! Which for most people would be great, but for me, it was a turning point as only 2 of those 72 t-shirts actually fitted me.”

That very night Andre ordered 84 shakes and started the moment they arrived. “I planned to lose 2 stone, but as soon as I started to see how easily the weight was coming off, I knew I could lose more. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when it was HARD, but after losing 11 lbs in just 5 days, I knew Exante was going to be my lifeline.”

Andre’s commitment to the plan is admirable; “I stuck to Total Solution religiously – not even giving in to temptation over school holidays when my teenage son was ordering pizza and burgers!”

Andre admits he couldn’t have done it without the incredible support from the Exante community. “The support I have had from the Exante Facebook group has been absolutely incredible! There is such a sense of pride between members, everyone willing each other on and wanting you to do well. I am genuinely humbled by them.”

“My life now is fantastic, I feel healthier, fitter and so much more confident! I just feel fantastic!”…… “And as for the 73 t-shirts, they STILL don’t fit me, because now they are too BIG!”

Meet Kelly

Kelly, 35

Starting Clothes Size: 22

Current Clothes Size: 14

Kelly has dropped an amazing 4 dress sizes with Exante and it has given her the confidence to get her dream wedding dress!

“I was at a very high risk of diabetes and knew I needed to change something,” Kelly tells us.

Kelly admits it was easy at the start and it took a lot of hard work to get her to where she is now. “It was mentally so tough to begin with, but once I was over the first week or so I found it easier.”

Kelly followed the Total Solution Plan but allowed herself flexible meals every other weekend.

“My overall health has improved so much – including my mental health. I am able to go further with my kids and my dogs while we’re out walking and I generally just feel so much better about myself!”

Exante has given Kelly the confidence to get the wedding dress she really wants. ” I would never have picked the dress I have chosen in my larger days and honestly, I feel a million dollars in it!”

“My confidence is through the roof!”

Voting is now OPEN for our October Slimmer of the Month! Vote now and your winner could be selected to WIN A HOLIDAY!

Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

Writer and expert

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