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Our tips for feeling positive & getting everything you want 

Is life weighing you down? Perhaps you’re struggling to hit your weight loss targets or maybe day-to-day life is testing you. To kick off the new working week, we’re resetting our mindset with our  tips for cutting out all the negativity in your life and find out how you can ‘manifest’ anything you want… 

Our top tips for staying positive

  1. Get your day off to the right start 

There’s nothing worse than a bad start, it can really affect your mood and the rest of your day. Make sure you’re getting off to the best start by taking time in the morning for YOU. Whether it’s setting an earlier alarm, so you have time for a morning workout, or simply treating yourself to your favourite breakfast, make the time for a positive start to the day.  

2. Exercise is your best friend 

Exercising has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to change your mindset. Not only are you releasing plenty of positive endorphins, but you’re also taking time to focus on YOU.  

3. Celebrate every aspect of your life 

Life can be pretty monotonous sometimes, right? The key to staying positive even through the quieter days is to celebrate every part of your life. From making new friends to perfecting that recipe, life is all about those small victories, so why not celebrate yours?

4. Don’t shy away from chill time 

One major downside of leading such fast-paced lives is that we often struggle to ‘do nothing’ without feeling guilty. In the same way that leading a full life is important, enjoying the occasional downtime is one of the best ways to make sure you’re feeling fulfilled. Whether it’s taking time to finish that book or catching up on your favourite shows, carve out some quality ‘me time’ when you can.  

5. Surround yourself with positivity  

How can you expect to feel good if you’re constantly being weighed down by negativity? One of the best ways to turn your mood around is by spending time with people who lift you up.  

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"I lost 7st with exante & wish I started sooner!": Our Top Transformations of 2022

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"I lost 7st with exante & wish I started sooner!": Our Top Transformations of 2022

2022-05-24 10:36:22By Amelia Dunn

So now you’re feeling more positive, how about manifesting your perfect life?

Whether you believe in manifestation or not, it’s important to recognise that negative thoughts weigh us down. It is believed that our thoughts are linked to positive and negative energy which can command different events and aspects in our lives (1). So, if we keep allowing ourselves to have negative thoughts, they may become our reality.  

Our steps to manifesting your BEST life

  1. Clear your mind of any negativity and focus on the positive aspects of your life.  
  2. Focus on the things you want from your life, visualize them coming to fruition in your mind. 
  3. Write down a list of all the things you want from life, writing in the past tense as though the events have already happened, e.g., ‘I’m so happy I managed to drop my dress size in time for my summer vacation’.  
  4. Once you’re happy with your list, make some notes focusing on the steps you need to take to get to your goals, e.g., ‘To lose weight, I will go to the gym once a week and swap out my snacks for exante shakes’.  
  5. Every morning, before you start your day, visualize your goals coming to life.  
  6. Now wait for the magic to happen!   

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Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

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Amelia is our Content Executive and has worked with us for a little over a year. Aside from writing recipes, blogs and website content, Amelia spends a lot of time cooking and trying out new recipes. In her spare time, Amelia can be found reading, spending time with her friends or taking part in yoga, barre and HIIT classes.