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Sami’s Story | Dieting with Type 1 Diabetes

Sami's story of losing weight with exante and type 1 diabetes

Sami suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and has struggled to lose weight due to her medication and having to monitor her low blood sugar levels in line with her carbohydrate consumption. However, since starting the exante 800 plan she has gone from 14st 4lbs, to 12st 7lbs! At 4ft 11”, this has taken her BMI from obese class 2, to obese class 1. Here she shares how exante has changed her life!  


How old were you when you were diagnosed with diabetes?

Sami was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1994 at the age of 8. According to the NHS, unlike Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes is not linked with age or weight (1). Sami admits however that she found it extremely difficult to lose weight with Type 1 Diabetes, until she found exante.  


When did you start the exante diet?

In July 2020, Sami decided she wanted to lose weight and needed a simple solution that didn’t’ require much headspace due to her busy daily life. With 3 children, one of whom is severely disabled, Sami wanted a diet plan that was easy to manage. After struggling with other diet plans because of the complicated calorie and carb counting, she turned to exante. 

Sami has type 1 diabetes and is using exante to lose weight

Why does exante work for you?

“I like the exante 800 plan because it’s low carb and I don’t need to do loads of mathematical equations to work out my insulin dosage. My diabetes has never been better controlled”. 

Sami has been able to adjust her diabetes medication since starting the exante diet, allowing her to control her condition whilst lowering her BMI.  

“Whilst I’m stuck with my diabetes for life, it’s now so much easier to live with.” 


What are your favourite products? 

Sami loves the Almond Vanilla and the White Chocolate and Raspberry Shakes! 

Are you looking to transform your life? Why not start an exante diet plan today! Order a 2 week or 4 week Diet Plan Box, for a simple, flexible and convenient way to start your weight loss journey.  

Always seek medical advice from a GP before embarking on any weight-loss programme to determine you are medically eligible, especially if you are already on medication. You should not follow any of our plans if you are younger than 18 or over 71 years of age. 

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