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In the Spotlight | Exante Limited Edition Spring Yogurt Range

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This Spring, we are bringing you a fresh new way to enjoy Exante with our Limited-Edition Spring Yogurt Range. Available in three fruity flavours, these meal replacement yogurts can be enjoyed as a thick creamy yogurt or as a smooth yogurt drink, depending on your preference!

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3 Fresh Spring Flavours

Peaches & Cream

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Our Peaches & Cream meal replacement yogurt is packed full of goodness and fresh, fruity flavour. To be enjoyed either as a thick, peachy yogurt or as a smooth, yogurt drink, this exciting new flavour is sure to become an Exante staple this Spring.


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The new Raspberry Meal Replacement Yogurt is blended using fresh raspberry flavour for a deliciously fruity meal replacement breakfast option! Each serving contains just 208 calories, 27 vitamins & minerals and delicious berry flavour.

Lemon Curd

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Rich in sweet, zesty flavour, this Lemon Curd Meal Replacement yogurt is both delicious and refreshing. Each serving contains over 17g of protein, 3g of fibre and added probiotics for digestion! This new exante yogurt is the perfect addition this Spring.

Are you a stirrer or a shaker? – New Way to Enjoy Exante

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We wanted to bring you a yogurt that you can enjoy your own way. To create a thick, creamy yogurt, simply empty the sachet and 100ml of water into a bowl and stir in well with a spoon. If you prefer a smooth, yogurt drink, add your sachet to 200ml of water in a shaker, shake well until smooth and enjoy!

These Spring Yogurt Meal Replacements could be enjoyed on any of our plans, at any time of the day! If following Exante 800, include our yogurts as an fresh new option for one of your three daily meal replacements! If you are following Exante 1200 or Exante 5:2, you could get creative with your Spring Yogurt and add in berries, or mix with gelatine for an delicious jelly creation.

Good for the Gut – Added Live Cultures for Healthy Digestion

We have included live cultures and prebiotics into our new yogurts to aid your digestion! But what are these and what is the difference between the two?

Added Live Cultures – live ‘good’ bacteria to support a healthy digestive system

To support a healthy digestive and immune system, we have included live cultures (GanedenBC30) into all three of our yogurts! These ‘probiotic’ cultures are live beneficial bacteria, which may improve digestive health, particularly when consuming dairy products. These ‘good’ bacteria can help to break down lactose, aiding digestion of dairy products such as our new yogurts!

Added Prebiotic – insoluble fibre to promote healthy digestive function

Each Spring Yogurt flavour also includes inulin – a prebiotic fibre that has been proven to promote healthy function of the gut. Studies have shown that inulin not only promotes the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, but also stimulated the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

According to Medical News Today (2017)* , some studies also found inulin fibre to have appetite-suppressing properties. As it is a soluble fibre, once ingested inulin expands, making you feel fuller and subsequently aiding weight loss.
All the Usual Exante Goodness – Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacements

Like all of the Exante meal replacement range, our three new Spring Yogurts are nutritionally complete. Each sachet of exante meal replacement Spring Yogurt:

  • Contain over 17g of protein
  • Are rich in fibre to aid digestion
  • Contain 27 vitamins and minerals, including manganese, niacin and biotin (which helps the body to break down fats!)

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2018-12-07 17:11:15By Kat Myers

*Medical News Today (2017) https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318593.php

Kat Myers

Kat Myers