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Why drinking water can help with your fat loss

Drinking water

Did you know that drinking water can actually make a huge difference when trying to lose weight? That’s right! The human body made up of around 60% water and increasing water it intakes may contribute to weight loss. 

Here’s 3 ways water can help you lose fat:  

1.Drinking water before a meal can help reduce appetite: 

Drinking water before and during meals can help increase feelings of fullness. This is because water takes up space in the stomach, which causes you to feel fuller more rapidly. There has been recent research supporting the link between water intake and reduced appetite. One study showed that drinking water before a meal can help significantly reduce calorie intake (Water consumption reduces energy intake at a breakfast meal in obese older adults – PubMed (nih.gov)) 

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2. Water can help remove toxins from the body  

Drinking enough water can help the body flush out wastes quickly and more effectively. This can also help reduce bloating, constipation and some digestive issues. This is especially important when you’re trying to lose weight because bloating can add inches to a person’s waist and can impact amount of weight loss and motivation.  

3. Water can help burn calories  

Recent studies have shown that water can help burn calories and increase amount of energy used by the body (known as resting energy expenditure). Not only can water can help burn more calories, but it can also increase the metabolism.  

Top tip: Drinking cold water can increase the number of calories you burn as your body needs more energy to increase the water’s temperature.  

Staying hydrated can also help reduce fatigue and increase energy levels, this can motivate you to move and in turn burn more calories!  

One study showed that drinking water can cause a reduction in waist circumference, BMI and weight over 11 weeks (Effect of ‘water induced thermogenesis’ on body weight, body mass index and body composition of overweight subjects – PubMed (nih.gov)). 

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How much water should you be drinking?  

Although varied, the general recommendation by the NHS is 6-8 glasses. By aiming to drink 1-2 litres of water a day you may be able to lose weight more effectively and reach your health goals faster!  

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Lujain Alhassan

Lujain Alhassan

Writer and expert

Lujain is a Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) with a BSc in Nutrition from the University of Leeds. With a keen interest in Diabetes and performance nutrition, Lujain works closely with our team and medical partners as our in-house nutritionist and nutrition coordinator.