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Top 10 Post Lockdown Diet Tips: How to Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Goals

For many of us, we’re starting to see a little more normality now that lockdown measures are beginning to ease. This will come as welcome news to some, given that many may have turned to stress eating or perhaps even just snacking out of boredom. On the other hand though, many will have found the lockdown a great opportunity to stay on track with their dieting – with more time to exercise, cook healthier meals, track progress and really take a good look at their goals. Now we’ve got the opportunity to get back into socialising, and even the temptation of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, it may be difficult to keep up with that progress. But what can we do to make sure we don’t unravel all of our hard work? Read on to find out how you can stay on track with your post-lockdown progress.

1: Cut Down on Drinking

The summer BBQs and the new rules allowing us to go into our friends’ and families’ homes again will have come as good news to us all, but for many of us, that means the increased chance of knocking back a few more drinks than usual. Don’t worry, we’re not saying to cut out the booze completely! Simply by choosing low-calorie options such as slimline G&Ts over alcopops and wines – which are packed with sugar – you can ensure there’s less chance of putting the pounds back on.

2: Go For Healthy Options

Let’s be honest, the Eat Out to Help Out scheme is tempting for all of us, and it means we can do our bit for local restaurants that have had a tough few months too. Just because you’re dieting, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out either. Many restaurants offer low-calorie or “lite-bite” menus, so try and go for these options when you can to ensure you don’t over indulge. Alternatively, most restaurants will provide the calorie information on their dishes if you ask your server or check their website beforehand, so you can at least be aware of the choices that are within your reach!

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3: Start the Day with exante

We’re biased of course, but starting your day with an exante product is a great way to ensure you set the tone and stay focused on your goals. Our meal replacement breakfasts are high in fibre and protein, designed to help you feel full throughout the day, and let’s not forget that they’re delicious too! Whether you opt for our zesty lemon pancakes, our super sweet golden syrup porridge or our hearty cheese and bacon breakfast eggs, there’s plenty of variety to help you kickstart your day.

4: Get Plenty of Sleep

Our social calendars may be starting to fill up again, but it’s still important to make sure we get plenty of rest. There is a lot of evidence out there to suggest that sleep could potentially help us with our weight. For example, poor sleep has been linked with weight gain, and has also been linked to an increased appetite. So, allow yourself some time off to ensure you have a chance to catch up on those Zs. Think of it this way – we’ve all been out of action for months, so we should really be getting back into things slowly!

5: Don’t Let Old Habits Creep In

If you’ve got into the habit of cooking a healthy lunch while working from home instead of popping to the nearest fast food place from the office, it’s important not to let those old habits come back in just because our routine has picked up again. Make time to prepare yourself a healthy lunch if you’re heading back to work, or keep a stash of our hearty meal replacement soups in your desk so that you’re not tempted to head out for a burger or a pasty!

6: Drink Water

Reaching for a glass of water is important to help us stay hydrated, but it’s also a good way to keep you on track with your weight loss goals. One study found that drinking water before a meal may increase weight loss, while another suggested that drinking water before breakfast reduced the amount of calories consumed in the meal. Let’s not forget the obvious either – water is a much better alternative that fizzy drinks, which we can often be tempted to go for when we’re out with friends or in the middle of a busy day at work. If you can’t bear to part with your beloved energy drinks, why not try our exante BURST low calorie drinks

7: Write Down Your Goals

Having so much time at home may have meant we’ve had more of a chance to focus on our goals and keep them in mind. With life starting to get busier again, it’s only natural that our goals might get pushed to the back of our minds. That’s why it’s important to write down your goals so that they’re always fresh in your mind – write down what you’re working towards and put it somewhere where you’ll keep seeing it to ensure you don’t lose track. In fact, you can go a step further and write down your progress so far too – there’s no better way to stay on track than seeing how far you’ve already come!

8: Challenge Yourself

As we start returning to work and getting back out with our friends, it might be tempting to relax your goals and targets a little – after all, if you don’t have the time or you’ve got a few lunch dates booked in, you’ll want to treat yourself, right? We get it, but by doing that you’re going to be more likely to overindulge and get into bad habits. Remember, you’re stronger than you think! Keep your goals as they are even if your routine is going to be changing and just see how you go. You might surprise yourself! Plus, think of how good it’ll feel if you do reach it! 

At the same time though, don’t punish yourself if you don’t manage to reach the targets you’ve set. Try relaxing them a little and have another go. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

9: Get Creative

Sometimes a little shake up can be just what we need to kickstart our routine! If you’re tired of sticking to the same diet methods, look at how you can make things a bit more exciting. Whether you decide to sign up for a fitness class to get some exercise, try out some new healthy recipes, or even try something different from our range, it’ll help keep things interesting.

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10: Don’t Just Go For Meals Out

When planning a get-together with friends, the go-to move can often be to meet for a bite to eat. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, if you’ve got a calendar packed with social engagements, it may become more and more difficult to resist temptation. Opt for a little variety when it comes to get-togethers instead of just going for lunch – meet friends for a catch up in your local beer garden if the weather’s nice, perhaps go for a dog walk if you have pets, or even just invite them round for a cup of tea and a catch up. It doesn’t always have to be about food!

Above all, the most important thing is to make sure you cut yourself some slack. The new normal is going to be difficult for all of us to adapt to, and while it can be disheartening if that progress unravels, punishing yourself isn’t going to do any good. Our exante Facebook community is a great place to get some additional support in your weight-loss journey, and you may even pick up a few tips or two! Remember, we’re here for you to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are!

Written by Amy Jackson – Content Writer at Promo Codes For – 27th August 2020

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson

Writer and expert

Amy graduated from The University of Northampton in 2013 with a degree in Psychology. She currently writes for a number of websites and has a special interest in creating posts around well-being and self-care. She's a big fan of Pilates and has recently started taking up yoga. She loves animals (especially her cat, Tilly!), scrapbooking, and curling up with a good book or a boxset.

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