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Step Up Your Breakfast Game with Exante Zero Sugar Syrups!

If our delicious breakfast range didn’t already tempt you to indulge in something a little sweet for brekkie, then our NEW zero sugar syrups certainly will! So, here’s what we’ve got for you and some super delicious ideas on how to use them too!

Exante zero sugar syrups and breakfast range

Exante Zero Sugar Syrups

We’ve got two delicious and irresistible flavours for you, both of which you can enjoy entirely guilt free!

Fruity Raspberry – Our refreshing raspberry flavour is the perfect fruity addition to your morning meal. If you’re craving something fruity and sweet while on Total Solution, you’ll definitely enjoy our Raspberry Syrup!

Sweet Maple Syrup – Who doesn’t love maple syrup on pancakes? (and well, everything) Unlike original maple syrup which is packed with sugar, our zero sugar maple syrup can be smoothed on pancakes without derailing your diet!

Nutritional Information

We really aren’t lying when we say these are entirely guilt-free!

With only TWO calories per 100g (we’d be almost impressed if you managed to eat 100g of this in one sitting!) and just 0.03g carbs, our zero sugar syrups can be enjoyed on any Exante diet plan.

Exante Pancakes and zero sugar syrup

Exante Zero Sugar Syrups: Total Solution & Man Plan

If you are following Total Solution or Man Plan, these are the perfect sweet indulgence, entirely guilt-free. Pour on your Meal Replacement Pancakes or Meal Replacement Porridge. Or even add to your shakes if you want to sweeten things up even more!

Exante Zero Sugar Syrups: Flexi Solution & 5:2 diet

Although you have a little more flexibility while on the 5:2 diet or Flexi Solution, you probably still don’t want to be adding spoonfuls of sugar into your diet. Our zero sugar syrups are the perfect compliment to so many delicious dishes! Of course, add to any Exante meal replacement breakfast or of course you can get creative! Add to smoothies, pancakes and porridge and even top frozen yoghurt with fruit and drizzle with zero sugar syrup!

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