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Two’s Company: Dieting with a Friend or Partner

Dieting with your significant other. Ten tips to help you succeed

Couples who diet together, stay together right? Well, according to research, couples who embark on lifestyle changes such as diets together are more likely to succeed than if they were to try on their own (1). Similarly, friends who commit to a diet plan together typically see better results than if they begin alone according to one study (2).  With this in mind, why not embark on your exante journey with the support of a ‘diet buddy’? 

To help get you started, we’ve put together 10 top tips to help you successfully diet with your significant other or best pal! 

1. Set goals and commit to them 

A great way to stay motivated is to establish clear goals that you want to achieve with your weight loss. Whilst your goals may differ from your friend or other half’s, it is important that you both determine exactly what you want to achieve and then hold yourselves accountable. Write out your goals and stick them on the fridge, buy yourself a new notebook and record them there or download a planning app on your phone.

When following an exante diet plan, set clear goals

2. Understand each other’s motivation 

Everyone’s reasons for starting a diet a different, and just because you are dieting together, doesn’t mean you’ll be driven by the same things. For some people, it’s about fitting in a smaller dress size; for others it’s about being able to walk upstairs without feeling out of breath. It’s important that you understand what your diet buddy’s motivation is so that you can support them. Remember non-scale victories are just as important as seeing the numbers change!  

3. Create a meal plan together 

Work out a schedule for your week. Decide what products you will have when (don’t feel you have to have exactly the same, feel free to mix it up!) and try labelling them with the date and meal to remind you. How about Lemon Pancakes for breakfast, Red Thai Chicken Soup for lunch and a Salted Caramel Bar as an afternoon snack? For your 200 calorie meal or snack, check out our blog for some delicious recipes  

4. Don’t expect to lose weight at the same rate 

Just like everyone’s motivations are different, the rate at which they lose weight is too. Age, gender and genetics all play a role in weight loss and you shouldn’t expect to lose weight at the same pace as your partner or friend just because you’re eating the same things or following the same diet plan.   

5. Find ways to reward your other half 

Remember to celebrate each other’s ‘little wins’. It’s not all about hitting those big goals, remember to recognise achievements like staying on plan for a whole week or making your own ‘fakeaway’ rather than indulging on a Saturday night takeaway. Treat one another with gifts that aren’t food or alcohol- flowers, a board game or a pamper evening are all great ideas! Or, give each other a gift that will help keep you on plan like an exante Water BottleFlavour Drops or BURST bundle!  

6. Challenge each other! 

A little bit of healthy competition between you and your significant other or friend can be a great way to add some fun to the dieting experience. See who can drink the most water in a day, with the prize being a week off the washing up or not having to drive next time you go shopping! Just make sure any competition remains light-hearted, don’t take it too seriously. You’re in this together, not against each other.   

7. Keep others updated on your progress 

It’s easy when dieting to shut yourself off from the rest of the world- especially if your partner or close friend is too. Set up a Whatsapp group with friends or family to keep them in the loop with how your diet is going, or plan other activities with friends that don’t involve going to restaurants or bars! A great way to communicate with other likeminded people is to join our Official Facebook Group, where you’ll find tips and tricks as well as other couples doing the same as you!  

8. Have date nights 

Just because you’re dieting with your partner, doesn’t mean romance has to go out of the door! You can still create delicious, fine-dining style meals within your 200-calorie allowance so get creative together in the kitchen! Have an at-home restaurant experience (remember to avoid the wine though!), light some candles, put flowers on the table and play your favourite cheesy love songs!  

If dieting with a partner, make sure you still have date nights

If you’re dieting with a friend, there’s still social activities you can enjoy surrounding food without having to go to a restaurant. Why not have a ‘pack hack’ evening where you attempt making different recipes with exante products whilst enjoying our delicious low-calorie BURST Mocktail range? You’ll feel like you’re having a night out without any of the guilt! 

9. Don’t be too hard on each other 

The first few days following an exante diet plan are the hardest. Your body is adapting to a new way of eating and this is when you may feel the hunger pangs or frustration that you can’t have your usual treats. Remember to stay positive and keep your goals in mind- you’re in this together! Don’t take your frustration out on your diet buddy, work through the hard parts of dieting together. If one of you has a slip or is struggling with the diet, don’t get annoyed. Be supportive and help them get back on track.   

10. Give each other a boost 

Dieting isn’t always plain sailing. Sometimes you’ll feel down that you’re not achieving the results as quickly as you’d like or can’t see the progress you’ve made when you look in the mirror. Be sure to compliment your partner or friend to help them see how far they’ve come. Just a few encouraging words can have a real impact on both your partner’s feelings and your relationship.   


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Whether your dieting with your partner, a friend or going it alone, there is plenty of support available. Check out our Instagram for motivational quotes, incredible transformations and updates on our latest offers. Make sure you read our blog for recipe ideas, success stories and information about our latest product launches! Finally, don’t forget to join our Official Facebook Group where there is a community of people ready to answer any questions you might have. 

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