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10 tips for staying motivated on your diet during your birthday

Is it your birthday coming up? Or maybe it’s your partners or friends? Birthdays are a great time for fun, celebration and being social. However, with birthdays, can come temptation as you may be surrounded by opportunity to fall off the diet wagon, and so here are 10 tips and tricks to stay motivated on your diet during your birthday.

Plan ahead

Maybe your birthday is soon approaching, and you want to ensure you stay on track with your weight loss plan? Well, we would advise you plan ahead! Order a 2 week or 4 week exante diet box to ensure you have exante products close to hand during your birthday, or re-stock on our favourite products like the Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake or the Chocolate Mint Cookie. If you are surrounded by exante products in your kitchen on the lead up and during your birthday, you will be more inclined to stay on plan.

Check out the menu’s online

Perhaps you are going to a restaurant to mark the occasion, to be with your family and friends and celebrate your birthday? Before you go to the restaurant, check out the menu online and pre-select your menu option that is a low calorie choice, and commit to that choice when you get to the restaurant.

If you need any guidance, check out our recent blog post about smarter restaurant choices.

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Low Calorie Restaurant Options: What fast food can I eat on my diet?

2022-04-08 10:42:20By Aimee Heeran

Bake an Exante Birthday Cupcakes

Alex, @alnicsw on Instagram, baked some great Exante birthday cupcakes using Exante products. They not only look delicious but can be created with probably what you already have in the cupboard and can use your Exante products.

Birthday cupcakes



  • Mix a vanilla shake, and unflavoured shake with enough water to make a thick batter. Add one egg and a teaspoon of baking powder. Bake for 20 minutes at 200°C.
  • For the icing, mix granulated sweetener with corn-starch to make sugar-free ‘icing sugar’ which can be mixed to make buttercream following a standard recipe.
  • Enjoy!

Order Sweet Exante Shakes

During your birthday, you may be surrounded by sweet treats, to avoid temptation look through the selection of exante shakes, and chose the ones that would be great alternatives to the typical birthday sweet treats, such as:

Plan an activity with friends and family

During your birthday, your family and friends may look to you to make plans like going out for a drink, but maybe alternatively suggest a birthday activity, some ideas are:

  • A long walk
  • A yoga class
  • A dance class
  • Crazy golf
  • Cinema
  • Adventure park

Replace the alcohol

During your birthday, why not try and avoid excessive amounts of alcohol? There are plenty of alcohol free ranges in supermarkets and local bars. An alcohol-free beverage has become more and more popular over recent years, and we suspect they will only become more popular as more and more people want to start avoiding alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Alternatively, reach for the mocktail section of the menu, however be aware that they still may be high in calories, however they won’t contain the hidden calories alcohol carries at least.

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Avoid food related gifts

Let your family and friends know that you are following a diet or a weight loss plan so that they can be conscious not to buy you any chocolate or sweets during your birthday.

At work you may receive a birthday gift, and so leading up to your birthday, maybe hint to your colleagues that you wouldn’t want any chocolate, and you would instead prefer gifts such as beauty toiletries, skincare gifts or accessories, such as a scarf or gloves.

If you do get a big box of chocolates at work, open them straight away and send them around the office. We guarantee when the box returns to you, we doubt you will have many chocolates from your selection left (and you will get brownie points from your work mates too!)

Tweak your diet plan

Maybe you usually follow the exante 800 plan of 800 calories a day? Maybe for your birthday, be kind to yourself and decide beforehand that on your birthday, or birthday week, you will follow the exante 1200 plan, whilst you may not lose as much weight as the exante 800 plan, you are allowing yourself more calories every day which will feel like a treat if you are usually following the exante 800 plan, but it means you will still feel like you are following the exante plan and it will avoid you ‘falling off the wagon’ which can seriously de-motivate you from continuing on with your successful weight loss plan.

Treat yourself to a birthday reward

Challenge yourself to stay on plan for your birthday, and maybe promise to treat yourself to something special if you stick to the plan? A reward for yourself, as well as the feeling of pride you will gain from staying motivated will hopefully be enough to keep you on track.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy

Birthdays are wonderful celebrations to celebrate another year passing, be kind to yourself and enjoy, and if you do find yourself indulging in treats don’t be too hard on yourself, stay motivated and keep going!

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Aimee Heeran

Aimee Heeran

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Aimee graduated from the University of Bristol in 2019. It was during her time at University that her love of fitness and nutrition truly began. She’s always loved an active lifestyle from a small child. Aimee frequently enjoys going to the gym, regular hot yoga classes and going for long country walks. She loves trying new activities and in the last 12 months has tried jet skiing, horse riding, and her first 10K race.