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Weight Loss Woes: Common Weight Loss Questions

weight loss woes

Weight-Loss Woes

The Most Common Questions About Losing Weight

Losing weight can be a real challenge for many of us, and it can often be something we deal with at many points throughout our lives. Whether wanting to lose a few pounds here and there or looking to drop a few dress sizes, finding the right method for you is important.

From meal replacement shakes to a good exercise regime, there are countless ways to go about shifting a few pounds or more, but what is the nation most concerned about when it comes to weight loss?

The Most Common Weight Loss Searches in the UK

Looking at a number of questions and queries, we can see in the UK, the biggest weight loss concern is how to get results fast. With nearly 1.5 million searches every year in the UK, we’re desperate to know the secret to losing weight in a speedy manner.

common weight loss searches


The Most Common Weight Loss Searches Across the World

When we look at searches all over the world, we see similar results on a much bigger scale, with ‘lose weight fast’ getting over 9 million searches every year. However, the rest of the globe seems to have more interest in food than the Brits, with ‘weight loss foods’ and ‘fat-burning foods’ appearing in the global top 10.

common weight loss searches across the world

UK Weight Loss Struggles Searches

There are a number of things that can make losing weight even more of a challenge than it would usually be, as well as natural hurdles that can make shifting those pounds even harder. With 86,800 searches in the UK every year, the question ‘why am I not losing weight’ is obviously a common concern. The top ten also features health conditions that can make weight loss harder, with ‘losing weight with PCOS’, ‘weight loss for diabetics’, and ‘losing weight with hypothyroidism’ all placing in the top ten.

uk weight loss searches

Global Weight Loss Struggles Searches

Again, we see similar results on a global scale as the UK searches with ‘why am I not losing weight’ getting 444,100 searches every year, but we also see weight loss woes such as ‘loose skin from weight loss’ and ‘stretch marks after losing weight’.

global weight loss searches

Our Tips For Your Weight Loss Woes

Losing weight and keeping it off can be a real uphill struggle for some of us, as we can see from the most common searches. However, there are some things that you can do to help yourself on your weight loss journey.

  • Go in with the right mindset: Often, losing weight relies as much on our mind as it does on our body. If you start off with a negative attitude towards your weight loss, it becomes very difficult to maintain. Try to make this a positive experience, focusing on what you’re gaining rather than what you’re restricting.
  • Set yourself goals: By giving yourself a goal or target, you give yourself something to work towards. Think of the reasons why you want to drop a few pounds, whether it be to improve your health or to feel more comfortable in your own skin, and make that your long-term goal. Especially as we come out of lockdown, sticking to your goals can be tough, so check out some of our top tips for ensuring that you stay on track.
  • Get a good night’s sleep: It may not seem all that important, but getting a really good night’s sleep on a regular basis can help with the weight loss process. When you’re getting enough sleep, you give your body time to repair itself so it is working as it should be, helping to keep your metabolism working properly. Click here to find out more about how your sleep (or lack of it) can be affecting your weight loss.


We compiled a list of phrases and questions related to weight loss using Google’s tool Keyword Planner to create a comprehensive list of common searches. We then used the same tool to find the number of searches for each of these phrases both in the UK and globally.

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Scott Stockdale

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