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New Year’s Resolutions: Six Tips to Help Smash Your Weight Loss Goals

New Year’s Resolutions: Six Tips to Help Smash Your Weight Loss Goals

Coming to the end of 2019, many of us will probably be thinking about new year’s resolutions. With 71% of new year goals being diet and eating related, it’s no surprise many of us turn to weight loss plans to help us out. At Exante, we want to help you on your journey, not just with our diet plans but with helpful advice too. So, we’ve put together six tips to help you smash those weight loss goals!

1: Set Specific Goals

Setting the goal of “lose weight,” is too generic. You’re more likely to succeed with smaller, specific goals, like “I want to lose [X] pounds in [Y] weeks.” These more achievable, as well as a great way to monitor your progress. Just keep them realistic!

2: Cut Calories

A simple, fast and effective way to help you achieve your weight loss goals, cut those calories. Our meal replacement diet plans are nutritionally balanced and there’s a delicious range of meals, snacks, and shakes to help you on your way. Not to mention, they’re great value too!

3: Limit the Weigh Ins

While we all like to keep a watch on our progress, stepping on the scales too much can do more harm than good. It can be tempting, but you may end up disappointed if you don’t see immediate results. Of course you’ll be wanting to monitor how much you’re losing, but stick to weighing yourself once a week at most. 

4: Don’t Give Up

It’s easy to want to pack in the new year’s resolutions if you fall off the wagon. However, if you don’t manage to reach a goal in your set time frame, that’s okay. Don’t punish yourself, just have another go! Plus, think of how great you’ll feel when you actually do reach it!

5: Get Active

Exercise may also be on your new year’s resolutions list, which is great seeing as it goes hand in hand with dieting. Again, set yourself small, realistic goals if you’re starting out with a fitness regime and you’ll be more likely to succeed. If the thought of exercise fills you with dread, you can still get active with simple things such as walking instead of driving or using the stairs instead of the lift.

6: Buddy Up

Sticking to your goals is tricky when you go it alone. So, if you have a friend or relative who also wants to lose a few pounds, why not team up? You can encourage and support each other, and even work out together too. Alternatively, join our private Facebook community for some extra support!

Keeping those weight loss goals can be tricky, but with the right diet plan and realistic targets, you can smash them in no time. Remember, Exante are here to support you every step of the way. You’ve got this!


Written by Amy Jackson – Content Writer at Promo Codes For – 20th December 2019

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson

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