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Non-Scale Victories | A Different Way to Measure Your Diet Success

Non scale victories

While measuring your weight loss on the scales can be a good way to track your progress, there are many other great ways to measure your diet success. Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) are a great way of celebrating your diet achievements without focusing on numbers changing on the scales.

Non-Scale Victories often involve seeing actual, physical results rather than just seeing numbers changing on the scales. We reached out to our exante Family to find out more about their exante Non-Scale Victories.

Changes to your Physical Appearance

Changes to your Physical Appearance

One of the simplest Non-Scale Victories is noticing changes in your physical appearance. Looking in a mirror and seeing a slimmer face and body can feel both rewarding and motivating! And it’s even better if somebody else notices it too.. what a confidence boost, right?

“One of my favourite Non Scale Victories is to take a piece of ribbon and place it around your waist. Without any overlap, make sure you are standing relaxed and not breathing in or holding your tummy in, then cut it so that the ends just meet. As the weeks go by, your ribbon will grow a little tail that will get longer and longer! This is very visual as well as satisfying. If you measure the excess ribbon, that tells you how many inches you have lost.” – Suzanne

Fitting into Something New (or Old)

Fit into old clothing

Nothing feels more rewarding than fitting into that dream dress or trying on your old clothes and finding that you now fit into them again! Lots of those following an exante plans use an item of clothing or an accessory as motivation for them to stick to their diet.

 “My NSV was losing 4 stone and being able to wear my engagement ring after more than a decade – this was my wow moment.” – Diane

Other People Notice Your Success 

People notice your weight loss

When others notice changes in you, this is a Non-Scale Victory to celebrate! Having a family member, friend or work colleague tell you how great you look can be really motivating when losing weight!

“My mum said I had ‘got my sparkle back!”Denise

“My boss and his wife cornering me late one Friday just before I left for the weekend, to find out the web site address of the supplier of my shakes because ‘I looked so amazing’” Kate

Improvements in your Health & Wellbeing

Improvements in your Health & Wellbeing

Feeling the physical benefits of losing weight is one of the best Non-Scale Victories. Carrying extra weight is often linked with other health problems and can make undertaking physical activity difficult or even painful. Reaching a milestone in improving your health – such as reducing your blood pressure levels is an achievement to celebrate.

“Lowering my blood pressure and not suffering with such painful knees from carrying around so much weight.” – Sue

“I was able to go for a two hour walk on my favourite beach without being out of breath.” – Tim


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