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Diabetes Week: Meet the men of exante who took control of their diabetes!

To celebrate diabetes week, we are sharing some inspiring stories from the people of exante!

Read about our inspiring customers, who have managed to take control of their type 2 diabetes using exante:  

Meet Justin: Who has lost 7 stone and took control of his type 2 diabetes 

 Justin has always been overweight since childhood, until he was finally in the right frame of mind to begin his Momenta and exante journey to take control of his T2. He was desperate to lose weight after years of being told he is a risk medically.

  • Phase 1 – Justin took a regimented approach to the exante diet plan by following the guidance of four exante products spaced out regularly at set times every day.   
  • Phase 2 – Approaching Phase 2 and knowing that he would have the freedom to eat normal food, Justin was naturally concerned about how he would manage to keep his weight off, but managed to through calorie control.
  • Phase 3 – At the beginning of Phase 3 Justin was a further 19kg lighter, now 100kg. So far, he has lost 34% of his starting weight. 

Justin’s positive and determined frame of mind helped him succeed on the programme. He used the time to improve his health and lifestyle and…it worked!


Check out some of the benefits Justin has seen from losing weight: 

  • No finger-prick tests daily for blood glucose monitoring  
  • Reduced snoring and better quality of sleep   
  • Enjoying exercise   

Meet John who has lost over 4 stone and managed his type 2 diabetes:

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, John decided to search online for simple weight loss diets that can help him lose weight easily. He came across an article online that recommended exante, so from there, he purchased the 2 Week Diet Box.  


How did he do it?  

John took the time to read up on diabetes, and find out exactly what it is. He knew this would be more than ‘just a diet’, but a lifestyle change, so when he found exante, he was ready to begin his journey. 

The Results:  

When John began exante, he weighed 16 stone 3lbs, and since then he has lost 4 stone 2lbs. His diabetes is now under control, and his last test results were showing 42mmol; which is within the normal blood sugar range.  

Feeling inspired? Read more success stories below:  

Meet the women who have taken control of their T2 Diabetes using exante

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Meet the women who have taken control of their T2 Diabetes using exante

2021-06-11 09:28:02By Sophie Elwood

Want to learn about diabetes? Find some more information here: 

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Staying Healthy

Diabetes 101: Everything you need to know about diabetes

2022-06-08 15:54:13By Lujain Alhassan

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Lujain Alhassan

Lujain Alhassan

Writer and expert

Lujain is a Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) with a BSc in Nutrition from the University of Leeds. With a keen interest in Diabetes and performance nutrition, Lujain works closely with our team and medical partners as our in-house nutritionist and nutrition coordinator.