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Meet the women who have taken control of their T2 Diabetes using exante

Preventing and managing type 2 diabetes is always a huge topic for exante. We love hearing about how exante diet plans have helped people improve their health and wellbeing.

So to celebrate our customers’ diabetes success stories, we’re hearing from the women who used exante to help them manage their diabetes and even to put their diabetes into remission!

Michelle’s 2.5 stone loss and Journey to Type 2 diabetes remission:  

Michelle knows what is like to suffer from Type 2 diabetes as it runs through her family. She was diagnosed in December 2019 and ‘simply hated it’, reacting badly to medication and feeling poorly. She was aware that she was at her heaviest when she was diagnosed and knew that she had to do something to change as her health was deteriorating. She says: ‘Life was awful! You can live with diabetes, but it totally changes your lifestyle’.  

Michelle found Momenta Health’s Diabetes Remission program; which supports people with Type 2 diabetes to achieve remission through a food replacement programme using exante products.  

‘I really need to do this for me’ Michelle was excited and determined but open-minded about the programme: ‘It’s up to me whether I make a success of it or not’. She considers that the timing was right for her and that being in lockdown and working from home has helped her to keep focused and on track. She describes the support from her Coach and the other members of the group as invaluable – enjoying the opportunity to chat and meet up regularly. ‘The tools and support are all in place (on Momenta)’   

“I’m smashing it – clocking up at least 15,000 steps every day” 

Michelle is now off all medications and her blood glucose readings are normal. Her highlights have been watching her weight come off, dropping 2 dress sizes and feeling confident to wear shorts! She is enjoying her dog walks, increasing her step count and knows that her healthy lifestyle is not only positive for her diabetes management but for her mental health too  

Christine’s 10 stone weight loss…

“I’m so much more confident and happier in myself and I’m off all medication!”

“Before I started exante, my weight was sitting at around 21 stone 13lbs. I suffered with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure which needed to be managed with lots of medication; I quickly realised something major needed to change in my life- that’s when I found exante. 

As I knew I had lots of weight to lose before my diabetes worsened, I opted for exante’s 800 calorie plan which saw a total replacement of all my daily meals. With this plan I used three exante products per day alongside a 200kcal healthy meal or snack- depending on what I fancied that day.

Since finding exante, I’ve lost over 10 stone and now weigh 11stone 7lbs I can’t describe how much of an impact exante has had on my life; I’m so much more confident and happier in myself and I’m off all medication. Better yet, I managed to put my type 2 diabetes into remission, something I never imagined for myself.

The future feels a lot brighter now and I have a much healthier relationship with food, introducing a calorie deficit into my everyday life, post plan.” 

Lindsey lost 8.5 stone using exante… 

‘”2020 was a year that changed lives forever. It brought me to my senses as I was 63 with Type 2 diabetes and obesity. I was told if I had Covid, my chances of surviving would be hugely compromised. To lose weight, I took on a walking challenge for dementia and, to everyone’s surprise, walked over a million steps in 3 months – nearly 500 miles! My photo shows me after I reached my 1,000,000th step. It was the only day I wore my dementia top as it was way too small for me but the largest they did at 2XL.  

I lost 1½ stone by cutting carbs, but it started creeping back as soon as it was over in September. I needed another challenge so set out to reverse my diabetes. I sought medical advice from my consultant,at my local hospital, and my exante journey began at the end of October. At my second appointment in early February, I got the fantastic news that my diabetes had been put into remission! 

“In early February, I got the fantastic news that my diabetes had been put into remission!”  

I’ve always been overweight – I’ve been on so many diets since the age of 10, but have never lost so much or stuck to any for as long as this. I’m totally committed and hope to lose a little more. At my heaviest in my thirties I weighed 18st 2lb. I’m now in the 9 stones so how great would it be to become half the person I was? Last year I was 14st 13lb and I’m now 9st 6lb and I can’t believe that I’ve done it!  

By June 2021, I reached my target of a healthy BMI of 24.9! I’m planning to move to 5:2 now as I’d like to lose another 7lb before I maintain my new healthy weight!’ 

Stacey’s 4 stone loss… 

‘I’m now 41 and I’ve been diabetic since 2011 after my second pregnancy. I have been overweight for a long time. My diabetes gradually got worse & I started taking insulin in 2016 as tablets weren’t controlling it very well.  

I have tried various other well-known diet plans, but I always struggled to stick to them – any weight I did manage to lose went back on very quickly. My diabetic nurse had recommended an 800 calorie diet to help control my Diabetes. This is when I discovered exante! I ordered the 4 week box & started on 1st January 2021 & so far have lost 4 stone in weight.   

“I am feeling so positive for the future & hoping to be off insulin entirely!” 

I’ve reduced my insulin doses drastically from 40 -60 units twice daily to 10 units twice & my glucose readings are perfect. When I visited my diabetic nurse in March, she was extremely pleased with my progress! I am still continuing my exante journey as I’d like to lose another 5 to 7 stone to be at a healthy weight.  I am feeling so positive for the future & hoping to be off insulin entirely for when I have my next appointment with my nurse.’   

After some more inspiring stories of others who have put their Diabetes into remission? Read some more stories below! 

Diabetes Week: Meet the men of exante who took control of their diabetes!

Real People

Diabetes Week: Meet the men of exante who took control of their diabetes!

2022-06-09 11:00:13By Lujain Alhassan

Remember, seek advice from your GP or medical profession before embarking on any weight loss journey.

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Sophie Elwood

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Sophie is a Registered Associate Nutritionist, with a BSc (hons) Nutrition degree and background in working with patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Sophie is a dedicated foodie, with lots of experience in food and nutrition education.