Top Diet Trends to Avoid in 2018

Top Diet Trends to Avoid in 2018

With a New Year here, everyone’s looking for the magic fix to lose weight. It takes hard work and dedication to commit to your weight loss goals and at Exante HQ we’re so proud to see how hard you are all working to get there! However, we are all guilty of going into panic mode after the festive indulgence and soon find ourselves googling the weirdest and wackiest ways to shed pounds, so we thought we would shed some light. Here are the top diet trends we’ll be steering well clear of this year.

Diet Trends for 2018 Exante Green smoothie

Military Diet

Although here at Exante, we’re a fan of a low-calorie diet, the military diet isn’t one of them. With foods such as ice-cream, crackers and copious amounts of peanut butter, it doesn’t take a nutritionist to work out that this probably isn’t the healthiest option when it comes to losing weight. In addition to having a range of not-so-healthy foods on the ‘allowed’ list, the military diet only has a very short list of them. When it comes to sticking to plan and losing weight the right way, the military diet wouldn’t be top of our list this year.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee, or should we say butter coffee? This is one of the 2018 diet trends that SURELY has to go. Bulletproof coffee involves special coffee beans (or just Tesco’s if you’re like most people), grass-fed butter and oil. These seem like ingredients more fit for a cake than a coffee, so it will come as no surprise that it makes your morning brew a whopping 400 calories more! It’s apparent suppressing of appetite and boosting of energy benefits are what have turned people into butter drinking feens, however, we think we’ll stick to our skinny lattes all the same.

Alkaline Diet Trend

Although the idea of eating more alkaline foods and less acidic foods to change your pH balance sounds all fancy and appealing (sort of), it’s actually one -not true and two – not really going to help you lose weight. We’re all for encouraging people to eat their veggies but the pH of your food doesn’t impact the pH of your blood as many have been led to believe. Your body is designed to balance it’s own pH levels and trying to alter this can actually have negative side-effects. More often than not, people lose weight when they think they’re following this diet because they’ve cut out a lot of processed and sugary foods.


Whoever thought to spend ridiculous amounts of money on fresh, delicious, organic fruit to then throw it all in a blender is crazy. If you have ever made a juice or a smoothie, you’ll know that one orange juiced, is about an eighth of the size of one actual orange. So firstly, this diet trend is incredibly expensive. Additionally, juicing is a nice concept to keep calories down if you plan to literally have no other food whatsoever (you probably can’t afford to buy any after buying the entire fruit section in Sainsbury’s anyway). Because juices don’t contain all of the nutrients your body needs, they will not keep you feeling full throughout the day, likely leading to you raiding the biscuit tin when you get home.

So if you’re looking at these diet trends and thinking about how to get on track this year,  Exante is a great option for a low-calorie diet. Our Exante Meal Replacement shakes contain 27 vitamins and minerals, all of the nutrients that your body needs and are only 200 calories per serving.

We offer a number of plans which allow flexible dieting and encourage you to create healthy and delicious recipes (without having to worry about the pH balance in them!).

Whatever your goals are for 2018, Exante can help you reach them, in a way that suits you. Learn more about our diet plans here.

Sophie Seddon

Sophie Seddon

Writer and expert

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