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10 Stone Lost: A Day in the Life with Alex

Alex has lost 10 stone using the exante 800 plan

Meet 47-year-old Alex from Dundee. He started his exante journey in January and in just 9 months, his weight has dropped from 23 stone to an incredible 13 stone! His BMI no longer places him in the ‘overweight’ category and he has completely transformed his life. Here he tells us how exante fits into his daily routine.  

Start Weight: 23 stone

Current Weight: 13 stone

Alex has lost 10 stone using exante shares his daily routine

How does a typical day start for you?

My day always starts with walking the dog, not typically long but enough to blow the cobwebs away. Then I have a coffee, always black with a sweetener“. 

“I try to mix it up a little for breakfast. If I’m working it’s normally a shake, but if I’m off and have a little more time I have porridge or pancakes“.

“The pancakes are delicious, and on a diet- really?!” 

“I typically eat breakfast around 9am as I work a midshift from 11am-8pm. Breakfast normally fills me up until around lunchtime at about 1pm!” 

What keeps you going through the day at work?

“I am a bit of a tea and coffee monster, which helps me get through. For lunch I always have a bar, with Salted Caramel being my favourite. When I have this, I switch to water and normally drink 2 to 3 litres in the afternoon which helps me stay full and hydrated”.

What do you have for your dinner on the exante plan?

“Dinner in the evening is normally another shake at around 5pm and some more water. My favourite shakes are Banana and Banoffee Pie”. 

“When I get home at just after 8pm I may have a 2-egg omelette with some chicken breast and mushrooms, or a chicken salad- all under 200 cals and 10 grams of carbs”. 

Alex has lost 10 stone using the exante 800 plan

What helps you to stay on plan day to day?

“I make sure that when I’m working, I have a good choice of bars and shakes in my bag”.

It’s important to have a choice and be able to change your mind depending on how you feel and not be railroaded into one flavour because it’s all you have with you”.  

“I also always have Bovril stock cubes in my bag just in case I get a headache. I’ve found these work quickly at replacing your lost salts and help get rid of your headache- they’re also really tasty!” 

“If I’m having a treat at work it’s typically some cherry tomatoes or if I’m really having an off day it’s a Cadburys Fudge bar at 88 calories.  


How has your routine changed with exante?

“Before I wouldn’t usually have something for breakfast and just go straight to work. On my break I would go to the canteen and maybe have a breakfast roll, then back again for lunch. Now I’ve found I only really visit the canteen for a coffee as a treat”.

“I feel more focused and alert at work than I did before”. 

“I’m conscious of the steps I’m doing every day and trying to push myself to do more each week. Sometimes I’m successful, other weeks I’m not, but keeping up the focus has really helped me shift the weight”.  


Alex is a great example of how the exante diet plans can fit into your daily routine, encourage healthier habits and lead to incredible results. Find out more about the exante plans here and get started today with a 2 or 4 Week Boxed Plan! 

10 Stone Lost During Lockdown: Alex's Success Story

Long Read

10 Stone Lost During Lockdown: Alex's Success Story

2020-09-28 17:34:34By Megan Edwards

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