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9 Tricks To Avoid The Halloween Treats | Healthy Halloween Ideas

As Halloween is fast approaching, we know it is a celebration loved by children all over the UK. We also know that Halloween means an excess number of sweet snacks around the house, so here are some tricks to avoid those naughty treats whilst you are trying to follow your exante very low calorie diet plan.

Buy sweets and chocolate you don’t like

Halloween snacks for kids arounds the house can make it even more tempting to snack more often than usual. Your kids may want sweets and chocolate to give to fellow trick or treaters, or generally to get into the seasonal spirit of overindulging on Halloween, the first piece of advice would be when you are at the supermarket chose a variety of sweets and chocolates that you know that you don’t like. That way you will be less tempted to snack on the kids Halloween snacks and can stick to your diet plan.

Buy Halloween snacks as late as possible

The Halloween sweets will not go out of stock in the supermarket, so there is no need to buy them early and have the sweet treats to hanging around your house for days – this only leads to more temptation! Wait until Halloween to go to the shops to buy the treats for that evening.

Make Your Own healthy Halloween snacks

Why not try making your own healthy Halloween Treats? You can cut up Double Chocolate Meal Replacement Bar, for example, into little easy pieces and snack on them like you are snacking on a bar of chocolate? This may trick your mind, and our meal replacement bars will be far more filling than a bar of chocolate anyway. For a sweet Halloween treat that tastes as good as it looks, try making Kate’s Fudgy Brownie Muffins using our Chocolate Shake! Click here for the recipe.

Halloween muffins made using an exante shake

Avoid picking up a basket in the supermarket

When walking around the supermarket for the Halloween treats, try to avoid picking up a basket or trolley. When you have a basket in hand, it is very easy to keep throwing in the sweet treats without realising how excessive you may be being. To avoid being too overindulgent, don’t pick up a basket and only pick up the sweet treats that you can carry to the till in both hands. If you can’t fit all the treats in both hands, you may be over indulging!

Out of sight, out of mind

Try to keep the sweet treats away from you during Halloween, it’s true what they say – “out of sight, out of mind. “Keep them hidden away in a cupboard or on the top shelf of the fridge, for example.

Replace the sweets with healthy Halloween snack choices

If you really want to have an evening of a little indulgence, why not replace the sweets and chocolates with healthier options? Why not make some strawberries dipped in chocolate? Or homemade chocolate granola bars? Or cinnamon popcorn? You can still enjoy Halloween treats with spooking your diet plan!

Stay hydrated

Whilst you may be surrounded by small children eating sweet treats, it is important to stay hydrated as often we mistake thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated will mean you can avoid this and be less likely to eat those sweet treats. Try our delicious range of BURST multivitamin energy drinks for a refreshing drink that will satisfy your sweet cravings!

Count the empty wrappers

If you do end up reaching into the treat tin to eat some sweet treats, we recommend keeping the empty wrappers beside you. Be accountable for indulging in the sweets, then as the wrappers start to stack up this will discourage you from continuing to reach into the tin to pull out another treat. You will hopefully see the empty wrappers and realise you have indulged enough, without overindulging.


Stay disciplined in the workplace (or the home office!)

As Halloween has been getting more and more popular over the years, you too have probably noticed that more sweets, chocolates, and treats are being shared around the office as colleagues bring them in to share. This can make it very difficult when following a low calorie diet. In the workplace, we recommend keeping a snack on your desk to sure you are not tempted by those Halloween cupcakes. If you’re working from home, don’t be tempted to dip into the Halloween sweets you’ve got hanging around. This is another reason to avoid buying them too early! Another trick is to have a cup of tea or coffee to keep you distracted. Or, even if really are craving something sweet have a low calorie hot chocolate.

We understand that following a very low calorie diet plan can be difficult at times especially during occasions like Halloween, but if you stay motivated and disciplined, and remember your goals, you’ll be able to succeed and break old habits of over-indulging. Some meal replacements that you may love if you do have an extra sweet tooth at this time are the Chocolate Caramel Crunch Bar, the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, the Honeycomb Shake or the Salted Caramel Shake.

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