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Exante’s Smart Food Swaps | The Christmas Guide

Exante’s Smart Food Swaps | The Christmas Guide

Did you know that making smart food swaps to more nutritious alternatives can help to avoid empty calories and support your weight loss goals?

At Christmas time we are all tempted by party snacks, Christmas chocolates, festive tipples and takeaways! But we can still enjoy these sorts of foods without the guilt by opting for ‘not-so-naughty’ alternatives! The Exante range includes lots of options to help you make smart food swaps this Christmas!

1. Festive Frappes

Your favourite festive flavours of frappes, lattes and hot chocolates have arrived into all the coffee shops. But most of these drinks are filled with sugar, whipped cream and lots of empty calories!

That’s why we have formulated a creamy festive range of shakes, to help you make smart food swaps this Christmas. Our shakes are packed with protein, fibre and contain just 200* calories per serving! Plus, you can blend them with ice, coffee and festive spices to make a creamy festive frappe!

Dear Gingerbread shake, you make my winter mornings doable, and I love you – Maria

A Starbucks Gingerbread Frappe contains 370 calories and 58g of carbohydrates, while our Festive Gingerbread Shake contains just 202 calories and 17g of protein!

smart swap of starbucks frappe vs exante gingerbread shake

2. Takeaway and Christmas Movie Night-in

At this time of year, these is nothing better than wrapping up in a warm blanket and putting on Love Actually and ordering in a takeaway. However, this takeaway could be sabotaging your weight loss goals, as they are extremely high in calories and saturated fat!

If you want to still enjoy a delicious pizza but don’t want the 840 calories** that come with it, why not make a smart food swap and try an Exante Pizza?

These pizza’s are just the tasty treat I needed while watching tv on the weekend while my family enjoyed their non-diet pizzas! – Zowie

With just 280 calories per serving, our meal replacement pizza is the perfect Christmas ‘fake-away’!

exante smart swaps normal pizza to exante pizza

3. Christmas Sweet Treats

We all love to enjoy a bag of chocolate every now and again, especially at Christmas time! But chocolate lacks protein and fibre, which help to make you feel full, so you tend to eat even more chocolate!

That’s why we developed our Protein Peanut Caramel Balls and Choco Balls, so that you can enjoy a sweet treat that is packed full of protein, to help you stay fuller and support your weight loss goals!

These are exactly what I was hoping for in a diet, tasty, easy and filling. These are on my list of favourites. – Jen

Our Protein Balls are lower in calories than a bag of Maltesers (203 calories) and contain 15g of protein per serving!

protein choco balls

4. Christmas Tipple

We all love having some drinks with friends, especially at Christmas time. However, it is very easy to drink one too many and some alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, such as wine and beer! Why not swap out your sweet glass of white wine (250 calories) for a gin & slimline tonic (60 calories) or a vodka soda and lime (106 calories)?

For lovers of the warming, spiced flavours of mulled wine, why not make a smart swap to our Mulled Wine Water Enhancer?

Just tried the mulled wine water enhancer – hard to believe this is ‘being on a diet’! – Johanna

Although it doesn’t contain alcohol, when warmed up it tastes just like a mulled wine! Plus, at just one calorie a squeeze, it is the perfect guilt-free festive tipple alternative!

smart food swap mulled wine to exante mulled wine water enhancer

5. Festive Christmas Cake

Enjoying festive bakes is a big part of Christmas tradition. But these cakes are usually very high in sugar and calories! Making smart food swaps to healthy – but still delicious – alternatives can help make sure you don’t reverse your weight loss progress!

A slice of Betty’s Christmas Stollen Cake (50g) contains 10g of fat and just 3.7g of protein! Why not make a smart food swap to an Exante Stollen Bar?

Wow! This bar is exactly what I thought something that was a diet product could never be – something I would love to eat even if I wasn’t on a diet! – Alexandra

Our Stollen Bar contains half the fat and nearly five times the amount of protein than a slice of stollen cake!

smart food swap bettys stollen vs exante stollen bar

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2018-11-09 17:03:32By Kat Myers

*calories in shakes vary slightly

** calories based on a Dr Oetker’s Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza


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