3 Unexpected Benefits of Cycling #WednesdayWorkout

3 Unexpected Benefits of Cycling #WednesdayWorkout
Dust off your bicycle because a daily cycle won’t just give you the chance to get out in fresh air this Spring, but it can also play a massive role in your weight loss success. Want to look younger, improve your heart health and live longer too? Yep, cycling could be the answer. Our #WednesdayWorkout urges you to pedal your way to a healthier, happier you!

Firstly, how many calories does cycling actually burn?

It’s official, cycling is one of the quickest ways you can burn calories – and burn them fast! And, it’s all down your pedalling speed how many calories you burn! The faster you pedal, the more reward you’ll get. So what does that look like in terms of calories?

  • Cycling at a speed between 12 and 14 mph helps you burn about 346 calories per 30 minutes.
  • Ramp up the pace to 14 to 16 mph and you could burn about 420 calories per 30 minutes.

You can do it indoors too! According to research, pedalling on a stationary bike for 30 minutes can burn just as many calories as jogging (398 calories) — and you get to sit down whilst doing it too!

What about that Spin class? 

If you want to really burn the calories, spin classes are for you. Depending on your speed, resistance and how hard you push yourself, taking up a weekly spin class for 45 minutes to an hour of all-out cardio will help you burn more than 700 calories!

Spinning really is a perfect, low-impact way to burn a lot of calories very quickly to help with your weight loss goals. The best bit is that almost every gym now has a spin class on its timetable and usually there’s a beginners class to help you get started at an easier level.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Cycling

Exante Benefits of Cycling

1 | It makes you focused

It’s no secret that cycling can help you lose weight, but now research shows that it also sharpens your focus.

On your morning commute to work, it’s time to forget the drive-through coffee stop! For true mental focus, all you need is a 30-minute cycle and you’ll brain will be boosted for hours – giving you the ability to perform better and more effectively.

It’s all to do with the blood vessels in your brain. The more pedalling you do, the more oxygen and nutrients enter the brain- which promotes the formation of new brain cells. A bigger, more connected brain simply works better. Research says, those who cycle display sharper memory skills, higher concentration levels, more fluid thinking, and greater problem-solving ability than those who don’t. That’s more than enough reasons to pedal more and get the cognitive benefits cycling!

2 | It helps you live longer

Every hour you cycle could add an hour to your life

The Dutch live longer than any other Europeans – could this be because (on average) they cycle for over 75 minutes per week? Researchers also believe that cycling prevents around 65,000 deaths in the Netherlands each year. It’s also no secret that cyclists who ride the Tour de France can live up to an extra 8 years longer (according to the International Journal of Sports Medicine).

With strong links to longer life expectancy, swapping your car journey for a cycle, or simply joining your local cycling club could add years to your life, whilst helping you lose the pounds!

3 | It makes you look younger

Let’s think about our Dutch neighbours again – they look youthful, have great skin and are svelte, right? There’s a reason all they look so good – yes, you guessed – it’s all down to cycling. Forget botox, a recent study by King’s College London, found that active cyclists aged 55 and 79 did not detect any signs of ageing. In fact, scientists have found that cycling regularly is more likely to keep you looking youthful than running.

How do I get started?

Spring afternoons and hot summer days are perfect for cycling and although it’s an activity you can independently do, it’s also a fun group activity. You can find local cycling groups in your area, or if you don’t want to hit the streets, why not join a gym spin class? Not only will you start reaping all the benefits above, you’ll also make new friends too – perhaps even people on similar weight loss journeys!

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