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International Men’s Health Week | Meet Some of Our Male Success Stories

International Men’s Health Week | Meet Some of Our Male Success Stories

To celebrate International Men’s Health Week – and Father’s Day on Sunday – we wanted to showcase some of the inspirational Success Stories of our male exante customers. Each of these men have transformed their bodies and health with the help of exante.

Meet Adrian

Adrian's after image, one of our male success stories

Adrian, 42

Lost 11 stone with the help of exante

Adrian, our Spring Slimmer of the Season, was motivated to lose weight by his seven-year old daughter – he wanted to make sure he would be there for her in the future and knew that his weight was dangerous for his health. Since starting his weight loss journey with exante nearly six months ago, Adrian has lost over 11 stone! He now plays football every week, and can do a lot more with his daughter.

Adrian’s favourite products:

Meet Steve

Steve,one of our male success stories, after picture

Steve, 56

Reversed his type 2 diabetes and lost over two stone

Whilst taking part in ITV’s ‘The Fast Fix: Diabetes’, Steve followed exante 800 for eight weeks, in an attempt to reverse his type 2 diabetes. After two months of following the diet, Steve had not only lost two stone, but also successfully sent his type 2 diabetes into remission. Steve still uses exante to help maintain his weight loss, and hasn’t looked back!

Steve’s favourite products:

Want to find out more about “ITV’s The Fast Fix: Diabetes”? Here are the full success stories of Steve and Jeana, who both took part in the trial and went on to transform their health and lifestyles with the help of exante!

Weight Loss

Exante, the Fast Fix and Type 2 Diabetes | Meet Steve and Jeana

Steve and Jeana took part in ITV's medical experiment 'The Fast Fix', in which they followed the Exante 800 Calorie Plan in an attempt to reverse their Type 2 Diabetes - here are their inspirational stories.

2019-06-11 16:09:15By Kat Myers

Meet Shaz

Shaz, one of our male success stories, after picture

Shaz, 37

Shaz, father of two, lost nine stone with exante

Shaz, who also suffered from type 2 diabetes, started following exante after being warned by the doctors that he had to lose weight, or it would be seriously detrimental to his health. After following exante for just 3 months, Shaz lost five stone and reversed his type 2 diabetes. He went on to lose nine stone, and can now enjoy football training with his son and spending quality time with his daughter.

Shaz’s favourite products:


Kat Myers

Kat Myers