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exante Slender Sip; Does it help weight loss?

exante Slender Sip, the amazing product designed by experts to aid your weight loss goals.

This ground-breaking new product is clinically proven to aid healthy weight loss* and contains the wonder-ingredient Glucomannan, approved by the EU Commission for weight loss.

What is exante Slender Sip?

exante’s Slender Sip is a weight loss drink containing the active ingredient Glucomannan.

Glucomannan is recognised and approved by the EU Commission to contribute to safe weight loss. It’s also a water-soluble dietary fibre and has an exceptional ability to promote feelings of fullness and helps reduce the urge to snack.

Slender Sip is available in 2 flavours; Raspberry Lemonade and Cherry! Which one will you choose?

Exante Slender Slip

How do I use Slender Sip?

It’s important to remember, this product is NOT a meal replacement – it should be used as part of a calorie controlled diet to aid weight loss.

You can enjoy 1 sachet, 3 times a day before each meal or meal replacement product, by simply mixing the sachet contents with 200ml of cold water, shake to dissolve and drink within 5 minutes for maximum effect.

*PLEASE NOTE* Slender Sip should be taken in addition to your meal replacement product or cooked meal – NOT on its own. 

We advise you take Slender Sip before your meal replacement product or healthy meal. This will help reduce your calorie intake through food consumption, resulting in weight loss.

Simply add water to a sachet of Slender Sip and enjoy 30 minutes before a meal. Once consumed, the powerful ingredient Glucomannan will gently expand in your stomach, helping you to feel full and satisfied.

Drink within 5 minutes for maximum effect.

Who can benefit?

Slender Sip is a safe weight loss aid for those looking to reduce calorie intake and achieve their ideal body weight.

5 Reasons to try Slender Sip

  1. You can use Slender Sip alongside a healthy low-calorie diet; perfect for those following our diet plans
  2. The convenient sachets are great to enjoy on-the-go, at home or even at your desk before lunch.
  3. It’s so easy to use. Enjoy 1 sachet 3 times a day before each meal, simply mix with 200ml of cold water, shake it to dissolve and drink within 5 minutes for maximum effect.
  4. At just 9 calories a glass, Slender Sip is the guilt-free way to reach your goal.
  5. It’s Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly.

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Katie Jerome

Katie Jerome

Writer and expert

Katie graduated from the University of Manchester in 2018 with a BSc in Marketing. Since leaving university, Katie enjoys discovering new recipes and making healthy food at home. As a follower of the exante 5:2 plan, Katie, who works in the Social & Content team knows first-hand the importance of a balanced lifestyle to reach an end goal.