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Exante How-To Guide | How to Get Back on Track After Christmas

Exante How-To Guide | How to Get Back on Track After Christmas

We are all guilty of over-indulging at Christmas time, and there is nothing wrong with having some time off the diet to relax and enjoy delicious food and drink! But if you are now looking to get back on track with your diet after Christmas, this blog is here to help!

Below, we have put together our top tips on how to get back on track with your diet after the festive season, to make it easier for you to get started with your new year diet!

Choose an Achievable Time Frame for your First Goal!

Exante two and 4 week plans

Getting back on track with your diet can be difficult, especially if you set yourself unrealistic, unachievable goals. We believe that the best way to kickstart your weight loss is to set yourself a short-term time period in which to work towards your goals. And by short, we recommend planning no more than three months (12 weeks) ahead!

Aiming for short term goals can help you to stay motivated and makes reaching your goals feel that much more achievable!

Set yourself smaller goals. Instead of thinking ‘I’ve got so many stones’ instead think ‘I’ll aim for 7 pounds’ and then another 7 and so on. – Margaret

For example, if you are hoping to lose six stone by July (six months), set your weight loss goal as seven pounds in two weeks. This goal feels much more achievable and, once you reach it, you will feel motivated to continue your weight loss journey on to the next level.

Our new 2 and 4 week diet plans can be a great way to help to you stick to these time frames. If you are following Total Solution (or 800 calorie diet plan), simply replace 3 meals a day with a product from your Exante plan, for the next 2/4 weeks and see what amazing weight loss results you can achieve! Click here to shop these new plans now.

Make Smart Swaps to Healthier Alternatives

peanut butter balls in brown bag

It can be difficult to return back to healthy food after overindulging on chocolate, biscuits and other not-so-healthy festive treats. That’s why our third tip to get you back on track with your diet is to make smart swaps to delicious healthy alternatives! It will be much easier to stick to a diet if you get to eat foods that you enjoy!

That’s why the Exante meal replacement range is packed full of delicious, not-so-naughty options to help you stay on track with your diet, such as our lemon bar, caramel latte frappe and peanut caramel balls!

For our favourite festive healthy Exante alternatives, check out our smart swaps blog here!

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Exante's Smart Food Swaps

Did you know that making smart food swaps to more nutritious alternatives can help to avoid empty calories and support your weight loss goals? To help you make these swaps, we have put together this Exante Smart Food Swaps Guide!

2018-12-07 17:11:15By Kat Myers

Prepare to Get Back on Track

empty checklist written on notepad

Getting prepared for your weight loss comeback can be the best way to get back on track. If you have decided that, on Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, you are going to start your diet, then it is best to plan ahead of time:

  • Order just enough Christmas food – enough that you can have a lovely Christmas, not so much that you have it around the house tempting you after the holidays are over!
  • Pick up your healthy food and snacks before the holidays – this will mean when you get to the first day of your diet, you can’t use the ‘I haven’t got anything healthy in, so I will start next week’ excuse! Stock up on your favourite Exante products here.
  • Choose a start day and stick to it – if you have followed tip one and have set yourself an achievable time frame, then you can easily work out your diet start date and have no excuse not to stick to it!

Fill Up on H2O

woman drinking water from glass

We know that you have all heard it before, but it really cannot be stressed enough how important drinking water is for weight loss, especially when on an Exante total meal replacement plan!

Often, drinking a large glass of water before meals can help you to feel fuller and more satisfied throughout the day. It is often the case that you are thirsty, rather than hungry, and drinking a pint of water can be great for curbing those cravings! On our Total Solution and 800 Calorie Diet Plans, we advise increasing your intake to 2-4 litres a day!

If you want to find out more about how drinking more water can support your weight loss goals, head to our ‘Water for Weight Loss’ blog.

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Water for Weight Loss: Why Should I Be Drinking More Water?

2018-10-06 16:37:38By Kat Myers

If you aren’t a lover of water, and struggle to reach your water target for the day, why not try an Exante Water Enhancer? With just 3 calories per squeeze, our water enhancers are great for giving your water some fruity flavour!

Want to sign up to our two-week weight loss challenge on Messenger? Click here.

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