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Diabetes Week: Meet John who has lost over 4 stone

 For Diabetes Week, we want to celebrate John – an inspirational man who has taken control of his health since being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in March 2019. John has lost an incredible 4 stone 2lbs so far on his exante journey. 

Start Weight: 16 Stone 3lbs 

Current Weight: 12 Stone 1lbs 

John (41) took control of his diet and health after a doctor told him he would need medication for high blood pressure, and high cholesterol in January 2020. John was also struggling with Type 2 Diabetes and realised he needed to do something about it. 

Since January 2020, he has been following the exante 800 and has managed to get his diabetes is under control. His blood pressure and cholesterol readings are also back in healthy ranges with no need for any kind of medication. 

John managing his diabetes

John & Type 2 Diabetes 

John was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in March 2019 (hba1c results of 49mmol). He was tested again in November 2019 where it had risen to 52mmol. That was the point where John decided to do something about it.  

Whilst searching online for simple weight loss diets that could help him lose weight, he came across an article online that recommended exante, so from there, he purchased the 2 Week Diet Box.  

When John began exante, he weighed 16 stone 3lbs, and since then he has lost 4 stone 2lbs. His diabetes is now under control, and his last test results (at the end of February) were showing 42mmol. Due to Covid-19 his next test appointment was cancelled however his Diabetic Nurse expects it to be even lower again by now – and hopefully in remission. 

I needed a really simple diet that wasn’t too complicated.” – John

John’s BMI was 35.6, and his BMI  is currently 26, an amazing improvement. Why not calculate your own BMI here?

John’s Advice for Those Recently Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

“Take a bit of time to read up on diabetes and what it actually is. Take it seriously but at the same time, don’t panic. Combating diabetes is more then just dieting, it’s a change of lifestyle. Start exercising regularly if possible and look into a low carb diet.”  – John

Learn more about the facts and figures of Type 2 Diabetes here.

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