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Introducing NEW exante Flavour Drops! Four delicious flavours to try…

Introducing NEW exante Flavour Drops! Four delicious flavours to try…

We’re so excited about our latest launch – the exante Flavour Drops. Transform any sweet treat, meals, shakes and coffees with the exante Flavour Drops. Zero calories, zero fat and full of flavour, what more could you want? 

Available in four new flavours; Vanilla, Strawberry, Maple and Toffee, we guarantee just a few drops of these to your exante meals or shakes will take your tastebuds to the next level.  

Not only have we squeezed plenty of flavour into a compact and portable bottle, we’ve also ensured the Flavour Drops are vegan 

We’re all human and we understand that weight loss journeys aren’t always plain sailing. Losing weight should never mean missing out on those sweet, yummy flavours that we all crave. Ditch the sugary syrups and sauces and enjoy these tasty flavours without the guilt. 

How can I add the Flavour Drops into my diet plan? 

Our zero-calorie flavour drops are designed to make your food even more delicious, meaning you can include them in anything you like. With no calories, sugar or fat to count, the opportunities are pretty much endless.  You can still enjoy the exante 800, 1200 or 5:2 diet without changing a thing.  

How can I use Flavour Drops? 

Try adding Maple or Toffee to our exante Porridge pots, or a few drops of Vanilla to our Latte Shake mix. There are so many ways these drops can be used.  

We’d love to hear how you use them. Let us know your favourite flavour via our Facebook Page. 

Introducing Flavour Drops! Available in Maple, Toffee, Vanilla and Strawberry

Other taste-tantalising uses include: 

How many drops do I need to use? 

We would suggest using around 2-3 drops when flavouring your food, shakes or coffee. Of course, you can add more or use less depending on how powerful you like your flavour.  

The one-by-one droplet system allows easy control of the flavour drops, so you can make your food as subtle or strong as you like. Flavour Drops are an easy, guilt-free way to make your food interesting, and ensure you’re still achieving amazing weight loss goals.  

Want to try all 4? Try the Flavour Drops Bundle.

Which flavour will be your go-to? Explore the range and share your thoughts. Get in touch via our Instagram page, or join our Closed Group community for recipe ideas, support and member inspiration! 



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