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Low Calorie Meal Ideas from Charlene

If you are following the exante 800 plan, you will have 3 meal replacements a day, plus an addition 200 calories of food. We often see many people asking for 200 calorie meal ideas, and Charlene, a chef from Nottingham has shared a variety of low calorie meal ideas on her instagram mumma.slimswithexante so we would recommend following her if you need some low calorie meal ideas. Charlene is on Week 5 now and has lost 1stone 6.5lbs so far. 

Here are 5 low calorie meals that mumma.slimswithexante has created: 


Low Calorie Bolognese & Side Salad 

Ingredient: 110g 5% beef mince, 100g tomatoes, 50g mushrooms, 10g onions, 150g courgette and 10g rocket. 204cal/9g carbs. 

Instructions: Fry the beef mince off with onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, loads of herbs, garlic and a bit of stock then serve with courgetti and rocket, and enjoy! 

Low Calorie Bolognese Recipe


Low Calorie Gammon Salad  

Ingredients: 100g Gammon Steak, 100g Tomato, 75g Peppers, 50g Beetroot, 20g Spinach, 20g Rocket, 20g Garlic Olives. 193cals/8.6g carbs. 

Instructions: Make up the cold salad with spinach, rocket, olives and beetroot and then pan fry the tomatos, gammon and peppers together with FryLight, garlic and mixed herbs, and add to your salad. Enjoy! 

Low Calorie Gammon Salad


Low Calorie Prawn Miso Ramen Bowl 

Ingredients: 100g Prawns, 75g Courgette, 75g Tomato, 50g Mushroom, 50g Bean Sprouts, 100g Pak Choi, 1x Small Egg, 5g Spring Onion, 1x Sachet Miso Paste & 1/2 stock cube, 1/3 Pack of Bare Naked Noodles. 210cal/11g carbs.

Instructions: Make up the miso paste with boiling water, then leave that whilst you fry off the tomatoes, prawns, pak choi, mushrooms and courgetti. Pop them all to the side, then in that pan add spring onions, garlic, ginger and chilli with the bare naked noodles. Then add the miso stock to get all the flavours up and in the noodles/stock. Finally, add it all in a bowl and pour the hot miso stock over it with raw bean sprouts and a soft boiled egg. Enjoy! 


Low Calorie Prawn Miso Ramen Bowl 

Low Calorie Warm Seabass Salad

Ingredients: 110g Seabass Fillet, 25g Spinach, 25g Rocket, 50g Peppers, 80g Tomatoes, 100g Asparagus, 3x Chorizo Slices. 230cal/7.5g carbs. 

Instructions: Make the spinach and rocket salad, then pan fry your seabass fillet and grill your tomatoes, peppers, chorizo and asparagus. Then add it all together, and enjoy!

Low Calorie Seabass Salad


Low Calorie Naked Burgers 

Ingredients: 100g quorn mince, 50g tomatoes, 25g gherkins, 60g lettuce, 25g mushroom, 1x cheese slice. 190cal/10.2g carbs. 

Instructions: This creation is quorn mince with garlic, mushrooms, herbs and a bit of oxo then wrapped in lettuce and topped with tomato, gherkins, a cheese slice and mustard. Delicious!

Low Calorie Naked Burgers 



Cupboard staples for a low calorie diet 

We asked Charlene what her cupboard staples are and here is what she recommends: 

  • Garlic 
  • Soy Sauce 
  • Mustard 
  • Tabasco 
  • Paprika 
  • Chilli Flakes 
  • Ginger 
  • 5 Spice 
  • Oxo Cubes 
  • Mixed Herbs 

Follow @exantediet on Instagram for more low calorie recipe ideas. These 200 calorie meal ideas fit perfectly with the exante 800 diet plan, all you need to start is an exante diet box! 


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Aimee Heeran

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