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In the Spotlight | Exante Sweet Shop Shake Collection

This month, our product spotlight is on the new Exante Sweet Shop Shake range, which is made up of four delicious new flavours! Like all our Exante shakes, these sweet new additions are packed protein, nutrients and fibre! Scroll down to find out exactly why we love the new Sweet Shop Range…

Reasons to love the new Sweet Shop Shake Range!

1. A Childhood-Favourite Inspired Flavour for Everyone

Images of the packets of new Sweet Shop Shake Range

The range includes 4 delicious new flavours: Rhubarb & Custard, Fruit Salad, Cherry Lips and Apple and Pear Drops. This means that no matter which childhood sweet you preferred, you can be sure that one of the new Sweet Shop range will quickly become one of your favourites from the Exante shake collection!


Vicky: Cherries are my favourite thing, and this does not disappoint. It tastes like the sweets – my new favourite.

If you want to give all the flavours from the new range a try, why not order yourself some sachets of the individual shakes, available now on our shop.


2. They’re a great healthy alternative ‘Sweet Treat’ to Help Curb those Cravings

Orange Shake with 'Summer Just got Sweeter' text over the top

The new Exante Sweet Shop Shake range – like all of our shakes – are low-calorie and packed with vitamins & minerals, protein and fibre. This means that this sweet new selection of shakes make the perfect healthy alternative to a packet of sweets and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! Each of the new Sweet Shop Shakes contain the following:

  • 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Over 17 grams of protein
  • Less than 203 calories per serving

Jo: They taste just like the sweets, but not too overpowering!


3. They Make the Perfect Meal Replacement or Post-Workout Snack

close up of lady holding yellow ice lolly

The new Sweet Shop Shake range is packed with essential nutrients – which means that they are perfect for those following our plans and those who want to use our shakes as a post-workout snack, as each shake contains at least 17g of protein!

If you fancy something a bit different, why not try the suggestions below to sweeten up your meal times:

On our Exante 800 Diet Plan: blend your favourite Sweet Shop shake with water and pour into ice lolly moulds. Leave overnight and the next day you’ll have the perfect low-calorie summer ice pops to eat as one of your meals!*

If you’re on our Exante 1200 Plan or any healthy eating plan: why not blend one of the new Sweet Shop shakes with ice, berries and water for a fruity, protein-packed smoothie!

Sharman: These new sweet shop flavours are true to life & I’m enjoying every shake but without the guilt & calories!

Try out all of our new Sweet Shop Shake Range now!

*Freezing Exante meal replacement shakes could affect their nutritional values.

Kat Myers

Kat Myers