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Earth Day 2022: We tried eating plant-based and this is how it went

This Friday marks the annual Earth Day celebration, a day dedicated to all-things planet-loving! In today’s blog, we’re chatting about the ways we can all help our planet in time for Earth Day 2022 and giving tips on how you can make your exante journey plant-based and planet-friendly one meal replacement at a time…

What is Earth Day?

For those who don’t know, Earth Day is a day dedicated to celebrating our planet, discussing climate change and sharing ideas for how we can make sustainable changes in our everyday lives. This year, the theme is #InvestInOurPlanet which questions how we’re investing in making positive changes for our planet to preserve and protect health, families and livelihoods.

How can I help?

Feeling inspired by Earth Day 2022, but not sure how you can implement positive change into your life? Don’t worry, EarthDay.org offers plenty of simple and effective ways to make small but positive changes in your life.

Let’s check some of them out:

  • Use internet, not trees
  • Go paperless at your bank
  • Fight climate change with diet change
  • Calculate your foodprint
  • Push for plant-based options
  • Practice a simple act of green everyday


More ways I can help


One of the main ways we’re going to be making greener choices this Earth Day is by switching up our diet to include more plant-based alternatives. In the last few years, more people have become increasingly intrigued by plant-based alternatives and have tried switching up their everyday meals to try more vegan options. Now more than ever, switching to a diet that’s more heavily influenced by plant-based meals is becoming easier.

Why should I go plant-based?

There aren’t just plenty of benefits for our planet when it comes to switching to plant-based, it’s also wonderful for your health too! It’s no secret that vegans are seen as super health-conscious because of their diet, but are there actually any proven benefits to going plant-based? Check out what Dr Sara Ryding says:  

  • Metabolism benefits: Some studies have shown a link between veganism and an increased metabolism.  
  • Cardiovascular improvement: Thanks to the diet of grains, pulses and veggies, research has shown link between veganism and a decreased risk of heart disease.  
  • Cognitive benefits: Some studies on specific nutrients from the vegan diet have shown an improvement in cognitive health.     (1) 

If you want to find out more about all things veganism, you can read the full article here 

How do I become vegan?

Taking the plunge into a plant-based lifestyle can take some time, that’s why we want to give you a helping hand with our delicious Plant-Based Trial Box. All our vegan goodies in one place, this trial box is the best way to ease yourself into veganism! In every box you’ll receive:

  • 2 x Vegan Banana Shake
  • 2 x Vegan Chocolate Shake
  • 1 x Vegan White Chocolate and Raspberry Shake
  • 1 x Vegan Coffee and Walnut Shake
  • 2 x Vegan Dark Chocolate & Orange Layered Bar
  • 1 x Vegan Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Layered Bar
  • 1x Toffee Flavour Drops
  • 1x Shaker Bottle




Get your Plant-Based Trial Box here


Feeling inspired? So are we! We were so motivated to try a vegan diet after listening to the advice of our plant-loving colleagues that we decided to all give up our usual diets and try a day of eating only plant-based foods. Want to see how we got on? Check out our exante Plant-Based Food Diary below… 

A Day in the Life of Eating Plant-Based with exante 

7:30 am, Breakfast 

Anyone who’s anyone knows that there’s no better way to start your day than with a tasty and filling breakfast! Before a busy day working at exante, we always like to fill up on something nutritious that can keep us going through long meetings and more. Since we’re always in a rush for breakfast, we prepped the night before using our NEW Apple Oats Breakfast Pouch. We decided to create our super filling breakfast oats using the simple recipe from our blog. Simply add two scoops with 125ml of water, add toppings and leave to rest overnight- yummy!  

We’re OBSESSED with these handy Breakfast Pouches because they are filled with so many benefits! The yummy Apple Oats pouch is full of fibre, high in protein, low in sugar, filled with 27 vitamins & minerals and, of course, is completely plant-based.  

Check out all of the tasty breakfasts you can make using our Breakfast Pouches below

Mix up your mornings with our NEW Breakfast Pouches

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Mix up your mornings with our NEW Breakfast Pouches

2021-12-14 07:00:54By Amelia Dunn

12 pm, Lunchtime 

And just like that, lunchtime is here! Since we’re usually tying up loose ends over lunchtime, we like to eat something fairly quickly right at our desk. Thankfully, there are plenty of plant-based shakes to choose from at exante. Today, we’re going for our NEW plant-based JUICED shake in the Pineapple flavour-yum! These shakes are our new go-to regardless of whether we’re fancying eating plant-based or not. Made with real fruit juices and full of flavour, these new JUICED shakes have so many benefits, including: 

  • High protein 
  • High fibre 
  • Contains real fruit juices 
  • Low sugar  
  • Enriched with a vegan micronutrient blend of 27 vitamins & minerals  
  • Convenient 10 serve tub 
  • Gut friendly 
  • A world’s first clear plant-based protein meal replacement shake 

3:30 pm, Snacktime 

Whenever we’re having a busy day, a snack is always needed! Since things move so quickly here at exante HQ, we always need something easy to grab between meetings. Our absolute go-to for some plant-based fuel has to be our new Snack Bites. These totally plant-based protein balls are just 100kcal per pack and come in two tasty flavours; Lemon & Coconut and Carrot Cake– which is your favourite?  

6 pm, Dinner 

After a busy day, there’s nothing better than an uber-healthy homecooked meal, right? Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in the kitchen, our Plant-Based Curry recipe is so easy to make and taste delicious! Simply mix some of your favourite plant-based treats in a pan with spices, add tinned tomatoes and fat free yoghurt for a feast fit for a vegan!  

Check out our full recipe here 

Low-Salt Aubergine Tofu Curry


Low-Salt Aubergine Tofu Curry

2021-03-09 16:52:00By Sophie Elwood

A fizzy treat?  

Now we don’t know about you, but we love to finish the day with a tasty tipple. But did you know that some of our favourite drinks aren’t actually free from animal products- crazy, right? Don’t worry though, we managed to finish the day by swapping our usual glass of Prossecco with one of exante’s NEW BURST Mocktail Cans. These sparkling mocktails really are too good to be true at only 4 calories per can, enriched with a 3-in-1 multivitamin blend and in two NEW fruity flavours; Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada 

We hope you loved finding out more about the world of plant-based- we certainly did! If you’re thinking of starting up your own plant-based journey, we’d love to hear more about it. Be sure to tag us in all your plant-based creations on our Instagram and Facebook pages – we can’t wait to see what wonderful vegan treats you’re enjoying.

Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

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