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Do you know our Pot Meal and Porridge Pot Range?

Great news! Pasta, noodles and risotto don’t have to be off the menu on your diet! Our Pot Meals are the ultimate go-to for a convenient, low calorie meal replacement! 

Are these pot meals suitable for exante plans?

The pot meals are a low calorie meal replacement, meaning they contain exante’s signature 27 vitamins & minerals, as well as being high in fibre and high in protein. And what’s more? The pot meals contain real ingredients such as veggies, herbs, spices, pasta and more meaning you don’t have to compromise on flavour- it’s a win-win, really!

How do I use the pot meal replacements? 

The new savoury pot meals knock out the need for microwaves, blenders, whisks and more. Simply add 200ml boiling water to the pot and stir! Stand for 10 minutes until it’s time to dig in. No more fussy recipe books with obscure ingredients; if it’s convenience you’re looking for…look no further! Take on-the-go or enjoy as a comforting meal at home. 

On the go Risotto?

Mushroom Risotto Pot Meal

Enjoy the earthy taste of mushroom with our creamy Mushroom Risotto meal pot, made with rice, quinoa, mushrooms, garlic & onions.

Full of tasty tomato richness, the Tomato & Pepper Risotto is made with bell peppers, onions, garlic and basil for an Italian-inspired treat.

Tomato & Pepper Risotto Pot Meal

Pasta La Vista Baby!

Made with a delicate blend of Italian herbs and real pasta spirals, the rich and creamy Bolognese sauce is deliciously filling for when you just need a pasta-fix. 

Meal Replacement Pasta Bolognese Pot Meal

Your new Fakeaway Favourite

The Creamy Thai Noodles have been expertly crafted with a blend of fragrant spices and real noodles for when that craving hits! 

Meal Replacement Creamy Thai Style Noodles Pot Meal

What are the benefits of Pot Meals?

  • Low calorie
  • High fibre
  • High protein
  • Enriched with 27 vitamins & minerals
  • Just add water
Mornings are always tough, right? Well, how about we soften the blow of another working week with our Porridge Pots? 

How do I make my Porridge Pot? 

  • Mix the dry ingredients around the pot  
  • Fill the pot with 150ml of water until around 1cm away from the top  
  • Stir the mixture 
  • Leave for a couple of minutes to stand- we recommend covering the mixture to keep it warm  
  • Enjoy!  

Chocolate Flavour Porridge Pot 

Made from soya protein, and gluten free oats, our Chocolate flavour porridge is the perfect guilt-free to start the day.

Meal Replacement Chocolate Porridge Pot


Creamy, sweet and classic, start your day the right way with Vanilla porridge oats.

Meal Replacement Vanilla Porridge Pot

Goji Berry & Chia Seed

Sweet, tangy and totally delicious, get things off to a fruity start with Goji Berry & Chia Seed oats.

Meal Replacement Chia Seed & Goji Berry Porridge Pot

Banana & Cinnamon

Our Banana & Cinnamon oats are the BEST way to get your day off to the cosiest start- what’s not to love?

Meal Replacement Banana & Cinnamon Porridge Pot

What are the Benefits of Porridge Pot Meal Replacements?  

  • High in protein 
  • High in fibre  
  • Contains 27 vitamins & minerals 
  • Perfect for on-the-go eating
  • Made with real oats  

Porridge Pots


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