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World Environment Day: Small Changes, Big Impact

This World Environment Day, THG (exante’s parent company) has pledged to plant 1 million trees. When you make a purchase on 5th June, you will get the opportunity to plant a tree for you and a friend, using our partner more:trees. But our work to protect the planet doesn’t stop there. We want you to get involved in making small everyday changes for the good of the environment. 


What small changes can you make that will have a big impact? 

We’re all trying to reduce, recycle and reuse where we can for the good of our planet. Here at exante, we’ve been experimenting with different ways to reuse some of the packaging from our favourite products. Take a look at our suggestions below and make sure you show us how you reuse your product packaging using the hashtag #exantereuse! 



Leah, UK Marketing Manager loves enjoying a Peach & Mango JUICED at lunchtime. When she’s finished, she turns the empty tub into handy pet food storage for her kitten Luna! Simply peel off the label, add your pet’s name on a sticker to the front and fill with their favourite treats or food! Perfect if you’re taking your pet with you on a staycation this year.  

Green fingered? Try (carefully!) piercing some holes in the bottom of your empty JUICED tub to create a plant pot! Use wrapping paper to decorate the outside of the tub to match your decor! Perfect for planting herbs on your kitchen windowsill to add to your 200 calorie meals. Check out some delicious recipe ideas here.  

Reuse exante JUICED tub as plant pot

Empty JUICED pots can be used to store pretty much anything- teabags, cotton wool or even exante bars! A great way to keep your kitchen cupboards organised and your exante favourites all in one place.  

exante Juiced Tub to store barsexante Juiced tubs to store teabags






Supplements Pots 

Our Social and Content Executive Katie takes the White Kidney Bean Extract Supplements each morning. When she’s finished, she peels off the label and uses it to keep her pens organised on her desk! If you’ve got a couple of empty pots, use them to separate pens, pencils and other stationery. They also make the perfect storage for kid’s craft supplies!  

exante Supplements pot as a pencil holder

Keep your kitchen cupboards in order by using your empty Supplements pot to store stock cubes, herbs or other cooking essentials. The airtight storage will keep ingredients fresher for longer and you don’t have to worry about spillages! 

exante Supplements pot to store kitchen essentials

Remember, if you simply want to recycle your Supplements pot, peel off the label and pop it in your recycling bin. Click here for more ideas of how to make your Supplements pots more sustainable! 

Recycle exante supplements pot

Diet Boxes 

Our 2 and 4 week boxes are the perfect size for storing your gadgets and accessories. Store charging cables, headphones and cameras in each of the different sections so you can always find what you’re looking for!  

Use exante diet boxes as underbed storage

Why not use the diet boxes for board games or toy storage? The 2 and 4 week boxes are deep enough to hold plenty of kids toys and games. Gone are the days of standing on dreaded Lego bricks- hello organisation! 


Remember to share how you repurpose your used exante packaging with the hashtag #exantereuse and place an order on World Environment Day (5th June) for your chance to plant a tree for yourself and a friend using THG (Eco)’s more:trees initiative!

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