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Pre-Wedding Weight Loss: Ten Ways to Slim Down for the Gown

If your big day is coming up, and you’re looking at losing a few pounds, you may be wondering where to start. Nailing that wedding diet can be tricky, especially if you’re juggling a hundred other things! Here at exante, we’re all about helping you smash those weight loss goals, so we’ve put together our top tips on wedding weight loss! 

Cut Calories

A simple way to slim down is by reducing your calorie intake. Our exante plans are an easy way to do this, with each one designed to limit your calorie intake all while providing you with the essential nutrients you need. For a super easy way to lose weight, our diet boxes are not only great value but super convenient too. Choose from a 2 week or 4 week plan, and you’ll receive a selection of our best-selling meal replacements, including shakes, meals, snacks and soups. It’s the perfect way to get started on your wedding diet!

Stress Management

Planning a wedding is ridiculously stressful, and for some of us that stress may result in comfort eating. If this is you, take a look at how you manage it. Opting for healthier stress management techniques like meditation will ensure you don’t reach for the chocolate whenever something goes wrong! 

Meal Planning

You may have enough planning to do on the wedding front, but planning your meals can really make a difference. Our exante plans are easy to follow, and there’s plenty of variety for you to mix things up a bit! Our diet boxes are a great place to start, as you can discover a selection of our most popular products, and they’re super easy to follow. Simply substitute your 3 regular meals with one of our replacements, plus an extra 200 calories from our approved food list and you’re good to go!


We know the benefits to drinking plenty of water, but ensuring you stay hydrated will keep you on track with your wedding weight loss goals as it will also help you stay fuller for longer. 


Important for a balanced lifestyle, exercise will help you shed a few pounds for your wedding. You don’t have to go hardcore by hitting the gym everyday – small changes like walking places instead of driving will still help!

Be Realistic

Make sure that any weight loss goals you set are achievable within your time frame! Not only does this improve your chances of reaching them, but setting unrealistic goals will only result in disappointment!

Don’t Go It Alone

Dieting can be a lonely affair if you’re the only one doing it. If your bridesmaids or future spouse also want to get in shape, why not do it together? Support each other as you follow your diet plan or perhaps even go to a fitness class together. You can even join our friendly Exante community for extra support! 

Want to lose weight for your wedding day?

Cut Back on Alcohol

As tempting as it is to reach for the wine while dealing with that nightmare seating plan, it’ll add extra calories you don’t need. If you can’t resist a tipple, opt for low calorie options such as vodka and soda or a G&T. 

Stay Safe

There’s a lot of pressure around weddings and how everything needs to be perfect. Sadly this frame of mind can cause some brides to resort to weight loss methods that are unsafe. Ensure whatever diet you follow is trusted and safe – rest assured, all of our exante plans are!

Focus on the End Goal

If you’re struggling to stay motivated, try to think of the bigger picture. Focus on the image of you walking down the aisle, feeling great and looking fabulous. You can also check out our bridal success stories, where you can read about fellow brides who have achieved their weight loss goals with exante as part of their wedding diet. You’ll instantly get a well needed boost! 

However you’re shredding for the wedding, here at exante we have plenty of delicious meal replacement products to help you on your way to look your best in your wedding dress! 

Written by Amy Jackson – Content Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes – 31st January 2020


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