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Our Wellness Tips & Tricks for Ending January on a High

We made it- January is almost over and we couldn’t be more excited! We don’t know about you but one of our top resolutions for 2022 was to take time out and focus on ourselves which is why we’re ending January on a high with some ultimate self-care.  

Struggling to save some time just for you? Check out today’s blog where we’re giving you our top wellness tips and taking you through our self-care routine. 

Our Top Wellness Tips

Stay hydrated  

Perhaps one of the simplest yet most effective ways to properly take care of yourself has got to be staying hydrated. Not only does it make you feel great, but it can also boost your mood and enhance your focus (1). Every day, we aim to drink about 6-8 glasses of water to help us stay focused and fresh- yum! 

Not a fan of regular tap water? Why not try our tasty water enhancers! Thanks to these yummy water enhancers, staying hydrated has never been easier. To use, simply dilute one squeeze (the equivalent of 2.5ml) into 250ml of ice-cold water for a low calorie alternative to juice or fizzy drinks.  

 Set an intention for your day 

Waking up and setting an intention for your day is a sure-fire way to get off to a great start! Setting an intention is a lot different to merely having a goal for the day; instead, deciding on an intention is much broader and open to possibility. If you’re setting a goal, you expect a particular outcome, whereas an intention is about setting a feeling or mindset for your day. Every morning, try saying your intention for the day aloud or even noting it down.  

Interested about how you can master the art of setting intentions? Find out more here 

Get your steps in 

Walking is the easiest way to reconnect with exercising without pushing yourself too far. Aim to walk around 10,000 steps a day in the fresh air, if possible. Walking 10,000 steps a day is proven to have plenty of wonderful benefits to the body such as reduced blood pressure and balanced glucose levels (2). Better still, it’s a great way to spend some time outdoors and amongst nature- especially if you’re stuck working from home! 

Get journaling  

Journaling can be a great way to alleviate the pressures of everyday life which is key to your personal mental wellbeing. If journaling isn’t for you, try ending the day by writing down three good things from your day or even three things you’re grateful for. Great for any pessimists, this technique helps to put things into perspective and will leave you finishing your day on a positive.  

How we practice self-care every day

Start your Day the Right Way…

Having a great day is all about starting it the right way. Whether you’re able to hit snooze on that alarm and treat yourself to a later start or you want to get up extra early to seize the day, there are plenty of ways to gently ease yourself into the day.  

Here at exante HQ, we’re lucky enough to have flexible start times, so we sometimes like to treat ourselves to a lie in and a later start.  

Don’t have that option at your workplace? No problem, why not go the opposite way and set that alarm even earlier to give you a fresh start to the day. You may want to start your day with some yoga or stretching or perhaps even go on a fresh January jog. 

But first, coffee…

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that the day can’t properly start without your caffeine fix. Why not kick the day off with a special treat and visit your favourite coffee shop?  

Trying to avoid calorific coffee trips? Switch up your caffeine routine and try one of our BURST Cold Brew multivitamin energy drink. Get all the caffeine you need to refocus your day in one low calorie, low sugar drink, enriched with green tea and a 3-in-1 multivitamin blend- yum!  


Not a fan of coffee flavours? Shop the other flavours here


Working 9-5?

Many of us will be back into our work-from-home routines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great day! Why not use your lunchbreak to get some fresh air, enjoy the midday natural daylight and take some time for yourself to unwind.  Better yet, how about mixing up your favourite exante shake to enjoy on-the-go and head out for a cosy winter walk?  

Post-work workout

Is there any better way to say goodbye to the day than with a soothing workout? Enjoy an extra fulfilling day by finishing on a high with one of your favourite workout classes. Whether you choose to pop to the gym or take part in a class virtually, make sure you’re working to sweat out those winter blues! 

Hate the gym but still want to work out? Check out our blog below for some exercise alternatives 

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Fill up on good food

Whether it’s a takeaway, dinner out or a healthy homemade recipe, there’s no better way to say goodbye to a day of self-care than with some good food. If, like us, you’re trying to be good for 2022, opting for a healthy alternative to some of your favourite meals is an absolute must for feeling good from the inside out. As always, we’re loving our nutritionist Chef K’s simple and healthy meals, especially those warming winter stews!  

Need some inspo? Check out some of our favourite recipes by Chef K below 

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We hope our wellness tips and tricks have helped you out today and we encourage you to follow them to make sure you’re ending your January on a high!  

 But if you need any extra support this January or in the rest of 2022, be sure to seek professional medical help. Just need a friend to talk to? Why not reach out to our Facebook Closed Group where you can get advice and inspiration from the rest of the exante family. And remember to follow us on our main Facebook page, Instagram and TikTok for fun updates, product teasers and more!

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