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Alfredo Fettucini

Experience this delicious pasta dish tossed with vegetarian Parmesan cheese and cream without feeling any guilt. Easy to make, you can also try adding minced garlic, mushrooms, small broccoli florets and/ or chicken to compliment the dish.

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1 pack Slim Pasta Fettuccini (or similar)
1 triangle laughing cow light (or similar) at room temperature
2 tbsp reduced fat single cream
2 tbsp vegetarian parmesan cheese (or similar)
Salt and pepper to season


No of servings: 1

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

This recipe is suitable for the following diets: Simple Solution (LCD), Total Solution (VLCD), Working Solution (LCD). 


1. Empty the Fettuccini from the pouch and drain. Wash 2 or 3 times thoroughly to remove the distinctive smell of the preservative found in the water they are packed in.
2. Place in a pile on a clean dry tea towel and pat dry
3. Add to a pan and put on a medium heat, add the Fettuccini and the cheese triangle. Keep stirring so the Fettuccini doesn?t catch and the cheese triangle is melted coating the pasta. Add the cream and parmesan.
4. Once heated through season to taste and serve.
5.Optional - this recipe works well with the addition of minced garlic, mushrooms, small broccoli florets and/or chicken

Nutritional Info

Nutritional breakdown per serving

Energy kcal 130
Protein g 7
Total Carbohydrate g 2.7
Sugars g 1
Total fat g 8.5
Saturated fat g 5.1
Sodium mg 139
Fibre g 5.4