Sam Bailey Diet Plan Recipes

Designed by our Nutritionist exclusively for the Sam Bailey Diet Plan, use these during weeks 5-8 of the plan alongside Exante Diet meal-replacement products for effective weight control.

Breakfast Recipes

It's important you start the day right and the Sam Bailey Diet Plan breakfast recipes are the perfect low carb, high protein options that will set you on the right path for the day.

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Lunch Recipes

The Sam Bailey Diet Plan lunch recipes offer fresh, wholesome meals that are rich in nutrients, high in protein and perfect for seeing through the afternoon.

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Dinner Recipes

Dinner time is an opportunity to bring the family together and share a healthy tasty meal. Big on flavour and diet friendly, the Sam Bailey Diet Plan recipes will have the whole family wanting more.

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Snack Recipes

Perfect for period between meals, the healthy Sam Bailey Diet Plan snack recipes are the ideal quick and simple diet treat to see you through to your next meal.

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