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#FreeFromFeb: What are the benefits of going low sugar?

And just like that, February is nearly over- how crazy is that! Of course, with the end of February, we’ll be saying goodbye to our amazing #FreeFromFeb campaign. Over the month of February, we’ve been challenging you to go free from a range of different things in your life, switching out everything from alcohol to meat and now, saying goodbye to sugar.  

Even though it sounds tricky, cutting down on sugar comes with plenty of benefits. In today’s blog, we’re exploring what it means to have a diet lower in sugar. Better yet, we’re even spoiling you with some exante hints and tips as well as our tasty smart swaps. 

Intrigued? Read on to find out more…

What is considered a low sugar diet?

A low sugar diet just means cutting back on how much sugar you’re eating- yep, it’s really that simple! Rather than going completely sugar free (which can be quite tricky), switching to a diet that’s much lower still comes with plenty of amazing benefits and is so much easier to attain.  

What can I eat instead?  

As a general rule, there are plenty of things you can avoid to reduce your intake, including:  

  • Processed food 
  • Shop-bought pasta sauce 
  • Flavoured yoghurt  
  • Fizzy drinks 
  • Chocolate  

Don’t worry, we’re making it even easier for you to say goodbye to sugar with our Low Sugar Bundle! Cutting back on all things sweet has never been so simple with this handy 2-week bundle, filled full of exante’s low and sugar-free favourites.  

In every Bundle, you’ll receive: 

What are the benefits of a low sugar diet?  

According to the NHS, eating a diet that’s too high in sugar can cause weight gain and tooth decay (1). Switching up your diet to be lower in sugar comes with a whole host of benefits, including:  

Supporting weight loss 

Reducing your consumption of sugar-rich food can give you a lot more control over what goes in and out of your body. Overconsumption of sugar is directly linked to overconsumption of calories, so cutting back can help you get back in shape (2).  

Helping your heart to stay healthy 

When you eat a diet that’s a little lower in sugar, you’re actually helping to lower your blood pressure, in turn, making your heart a lot healthier. This is all because you’re cutting back on LDL, which is the bad cholesterol in your body, so lower nasty cholesterol means happy heart (2)! 

Saying goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes 

It’s important to remember that overconsumption of sugar isn’t the sole cause of Type 2 diabetes, however; cutting back on your intake can help lower your risk of developing it (2).  

Wondering if you can reverse your Type 2 Diabetes? Meet the people who used exante to say goodbye to Type 2 Diabetes:

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Our Smart Swaps

Low sugar energy drink alternatives

Love all things sweet and don’t know what to try instead? We’ve got you covered with our range of tasty, flavoursome smart swaps! 

For the sugar binger…

Always find yourself skipping meals because you’re just too busy to cook and binging on high sugar snacks instead? We totally get it. That’s why we’ve got a range of yummy low sugar meal replacement shakes and smoothies, perfect for getting that on-the-go food fix.  

High in protein and fibre, enriched with 27 vitamins & minerals and, of course, low in sugar, these shakes and smoothies are a must-have for your busy lifestyle!  

For the chocolate fiend…

We know it can be tough to keep off the chocolate bars, especially when you’re trying to cut down on sugar. That’s why we love enjoying our tasty meal replacement bars, perfect for an on the go fix! 

To be enjoyed as a meal replacement in a low calorie or balanced diet, these bars are the ultimate sweet fix- minus the sugar. These tasty plant-based bars are covered in dark chocolate flavour coating, packed full of pea protein and are even high in fibre. Better yet, get your vitamin fix with every bite thanks to the 27 vitamins & minerals packed in every single bar- see, what’s not to love?  

For the fizz-aholic…

If you’re obsessed with fizzy drinks, you might be consuming too much sugar. Sadly, our fizzy favourites are usually full of sweeteners and nasty additives which can be bad for your body. Don’t worry though, exante has just brought out a NEW range of delicious sparkling Mocktail Cans for just 4kcals per serving!  

These low sugar sparkling drinks are the perfect replacement for your usual fizzy fix. Enriched with a 3-in-1 multivitamin blend, completely plant-based and perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, these cans are an absolute must-have.  

Prefer your sweet drinks without the fizz? Try our original range instead. With all the benefits for 15kcal per serving and available in caffeine and caffeine-free options, BURST is a much healthier alternative to sugary drinks.  

For the one who needs sweetening up…

If you can’t help but use syrups and sweeteners to sweeten your favourite food and drinks, you’ll love our completely sugar-free exante extras. From Flavour Drops to Syrups, sweeten up your day without filling up on sugar.  

Enjoy our Flavour Drops for a sugar free, fat free and plant-based sweet treat, that’s bound to put a smile on your face. Use the handy dropper to add a bit of sweetness to your coffee, meal replacement shake, porridge and more.  

Topping things like pancakes and porridge with honey, syrups and spreads can increase your sugar intake that little bit too much. So, how about swapping out your usual sweet treats with one of our sugar-free syrups? Our exante Sugar Free Syrups are a just 2kcals and 0.6g of carbs per 100g and come is tangy Raspberry and indulgent Maple Syrup flavours- yum!  

To celebrate the end of our amazing #FreeFromFeb campaign, we’re offering you 30% off all our Free From products including our NEW Superfood Shakes. Treat yourself to everything you’ll need to go Free From beyond February on our exante website now!

Remember, we love seeing all the tasty free from treats you create, so be sure to tag us with the hashtag #FreeFromFeb on Instagram and Facebook. Need a little more support? Why not join our Facebook Closed Group for additional support, helpful information and inspiring stories.  

Amelia Dunn

Amelia Dunn

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